10 Characters Bones Needs To Bring Back

In Shep's Thoughts on August 12, 2010 at 3:29 am

Over the past 5 seasons, the Bones viewers have been introduced to a convoluted convocation of characters that have breezed in and out of our lives. Many of them, however, have left metaphorical marks that we just can’t erase. That being said, here are 10 Bones characters who I would LOVE to see back on my screen.

10. Teddy Parker
Yes, he’s dead, I know. The fact that Teddy was the ghost of a young solider whose death haunted Booth for some time made for some heart-tugging scenes during Season 4’s “The Hero in The Hold” and Noel Fisher did a more than adequate job playing the part. So much so, that I want him back.

9. Deputy Director Cullen
Booth’s hard ass FBI deputy director was last seen being a loving father concerned for his dying daughter in Season 1’s “The Graft in the Girl”. It’s safe to assume that once his daughter died, he was never quite the same since he was never seen again. However, with Diedrich Bader working on Outsourced, Assistant Director Hacker won’t be popping up any time soon. Max killed Kirby, so he’s not in charge. Someone needs to lead the FBI, and I for one, would be thrilled to see John M. Jackson’s Cullen at the helm.

8. FBI Forensic Tech Marcus Greer
He may not have said much, but when he did you could bet that David Greenman would give a dead pan delivery, marked with just the perfect amount of sarcasm and factual information. He last directed Booth & Brennan to the remains of a rubber purple smurf in Season 4’s “The Critic in the Cabernet.” Perhaps the mere mention of Booth’s sperm was enough to drive him away from forensics forever? I, for one certainly hope not.

7. FBI Agent Payton Perotta
It might have been the general weirdness of the Comic-Con-esque crew that Perotta encountered during Season 4’s “The Princess and the Pear” that kept her character out of the field, but it was the real life birth of her son Finn in 2009 that has kept Marisa Coughlan from reprising her role. While I have nothing but the utmost respect for moms, Coughlan’s portrayal of an all-business FBI agent with the hots for one Seeley Booth certainly made for some quality TV watching. Once she figured out that Booth was in love with Brennan, that is.

6. Avalon Harmonia(courtesy of @itsmekatykat on Twitter)
It’s always nice to see complete strangers telling Booth and Brennan that they need to be together and no one did it quite as bluntly as Angela’s quirky psychic, played by the one and only Cyndi Lauper. Fear not, Bones fans Hart Hanson has already confirmed to Marisa Roffman that he has a modular b-story ready for her when she’s available.

5. Margaret Whitesell(courtesy of @TVFanatic592 on Twitter)
It took 5 years to get the incomparable Zooey Deschanel to guest star as Bren’s oddly eccentric cousin Margaret with a passion for the words of Ben Franklin. While old Ben didn’t actually invent bifocals or the hundred-dollar bill, he did state this quote that pretty much sums up how many Bones fans feel about cousin Margaret: “Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it.” (Note: he also said “Hunger is the best pickle.” And people wonder why he’s a genius.)

4. Pops(courtesy of @TVFanatic592 on Twitter)
Ralph Waite certainly had his work cut out for him last year, playing fatherly and grandfatherly roles (respectively) on both NCIS and Bones. When we last left Papa Gibbs, he was about to have a showdown with the head of a Mexican drug cartel. Here’s hoping she “pops” him right between the eyes, so Waite can focus more time on instructing his “Shrimp” on how to get his head out of his ass win the love of his life.

3. FBI Agent Tim “Sully” Sullivan
One has to wonder if Brennan was ever really the same after Sully sailed off into the morning sun on his boat, appropriately named “Temperance.” It was that infamous episode that put forth the mantra which Bones fans chant while rocking in the fetal position whenever Hart Hanson & TPTB introduce someone who may come between the dynamic duo. Yes, “Everything Happens Eventually,” but considering the fact that Eddie McClintock is currently rocking as Pete Lattimer on Warehouse 13, it’s a safe bet that Sully won’t be returning to rock the boat anytime soon. 😦

2. Gordon Gordon Wyatt
Whether he’s reliving his youth as a glam rocker in Booth’s kitchen or waxing philosophic about the rather phallic symbolism of Booth not being able to “fire his weapon,” Stephen Fry’s Gordon Gordon Wyatt is as entertaining as a fresh-baked apple pie from the Royal Diner is delicious. Oliver certainly had it right: “Please, sir. I want some more.”

1. Zack Addy
While the Bones family has expanded with their rotating Squinterns, nothing quite feels as good as The Original: Dr. Zack Addy. Eric Milligan’s portrayal as the brilliant, socially inept forensic anthropologist showcased not only his enormous talents as both a comedian and a dramatic actor, but it let us see the motherly side of Temperance Brennan. While I’m all for her “having a progeny” with one studly FBI agent, the close relationship between Brennan and Zack is one that simply cannot be duplicated.

Ahem...If I May Take The Floor...


Shep’s Honorable Mention: Noel Liftin, The Stoner Stalker
The last we saw of Noel, he was happily taking Booth’s 50 bucks to go have a mung bean enema. I can only assume that it did not go well, as we haven’t seen him since “The Man in the Outhouse.” Perhaps that’s symbolic? Regardless, Scoot McNairy needs to come back, like yesterday.

That’s all we got Bones fans. So what say you? Agree/Disagree? Did we forget someone? Does anyone else deserve an honorable mention? Anyone wanna turn Shep into lamb chops?

  1. What about creepy russian guy in Predator in the Pool, Dimitri Vladov? I know he was only in one scene (discussed in 3 or 4) but he held his own nicely against Booth. Wouldn’t mind seeing him again.

    I also really miss Goodman.

    My sis and I always joke about wanting to trade Cam for Zack. We aren’t big Cam fans. I don’t like her because of how the dialog flows when she is around. I still maintain Season 1 is my fave purely because of the absence of Cam.

  2. I agree with all except Sully. He did nothing for me and was NOT the right guy for Bren. So glad he sailed away.

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