The Great Fanfic Twar of 2010: Community vs. Bones

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One simple question from a fan inspired an onslaught of perhaps the funniest twar (that would be a twitter war for those of you who speak in more than 140 characters) known to date. The question: Do you ever read fanfic? The man being questioned: none other than executive producer of Bones, Hart Hanson. Long time followers will know that Hart’s answered this very question many times before saying that he can’t due to legal issues. New followers to him and the Bones fandom often pose questions he’s answered before, but because Hart never knew how to share his direct replies to one twitter user with the rest of his flock, the newbs sometimes missed the answers.

Thanks to the great dot reply controversy of 2010, Hart makes sure all his followers can easily find answers to the Bones FAQ. But perhaps that wasn’t the wisest plan, when today he opened the floodgates to all of his followers including none other than comic genius Dan Harmon. He would be the brilliant man behind the funniest show on television, the show that is also direct competition to Bones times slot: Community. On behalf of TV fans everywhere, I’d like to thank any and all writers who are on twitter and let their comedic abilities/sarcastic wit/general insanity shine in 140 characters or less. So, in case you missed it, here’s the whole sordid affair between Harmon and Hanson.

Warning: You might want to pee first.

6:29PM. August 15. Hanson replies to a simple question that he’s been asked before:

How can one simple answer do so much damage?

A few hours later, he confirms that while he can’t read it, he’s flattered by the fact that fans enjoy “making Brennan and Booth admit their feelings, have sex and name their kid Christine”*

*That succinct description of all Bones fan fics ever was writter by a brilliant Bones fan who’s name I don’t know beecause it requires far too many clicks of the More button to find the original retweet by Hart. Seriously though, pretty fitting description. *

I’m skipping the tweet where someone justifies Booth & Brennan not being together because it’s hard to write. People, don’t justify him with things like this. Do you poke bears with sticks on the weekends? I mean, come on.

Shortly thereafter, a joint follower of Hanson and Harmon brings Harmon into the conversation with a RT.

Harmon’s reply came earlier today:

He openly continues the conversation about fan fic, by stating:

Blogger Note: I’m sure if he did read fan fics he’d look at Troy & Abed in a WHOLE new light. A Bert & Ernie ain’t just roomates kinda light if you know what I’m saying. I don’t know if that’s actually true but somewhere out there, someone has to have taken that bromance to the next level.

With two showrunners openly discussing fanfic on twitter, how could the journalists not get involved?

James Poniewozik, columnist for Time points out the legal side of things to Harmon, which Hanson retweets shortly thereafter.

And we woulda gotten away with it if it weren't for those pesky fanfic writers, see?

Annie Stamell poses this extremely intelligent question to the showrunners.

Harmon answers honestly.

Hanson, points and goes “What he said.”

It’s then that the true twar begins, with Harmon at the helm:

While Hanson quickly admits defeat…

Harmon continues fanning the flames…

Hanson still waves the white flag…


At final standing, Harmon is enjoying the reign of fanfic king on Twitter…

While Hanson is just trying to figure out where he went wrong…

Word of advice Hart, in your next Community fic tweet, just make Troy & Abed do it.

This Just In: Apparently Harmon’s keeping his smutty tweets for the late night audiences only…

If Hanson Won't Give It To the Bones Fans, Harmon Will!

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