Bones Season 6 Promo #1: Reserved Judgement

In Bones, Shep's Thoughts on August 26, 2010 at 5:04 am

Remember the days when VCRs were first invented (if you don’t, please don’t tell me. I may kick you.) and people were thankful because they could actually fast forward commercials? Who wanted to see 30 seconds worth of advertising? I don’t give a crap that Shop Rite’s having the Can Can sale or that the Bob-o-pedic is 35% less than its name brand competion. I don’t care about commercials. Unless it’s a commercial showcasing new content for one of my absolute favorite TV shows in the history of ever. Yes, the new Bones promo is out and I’ve seen it. God bless you TV critics that put the content on your site and then tweet it out to the world, talking about you @marisaroffman, @stamos, @mattmitovich. I mean, really, what did I remote DVR fox for this afternoon from my critically important meeting? Well, I guess the answer to that one is to lick the TV later when I see it in HD, but I digress. Seriously, big thanks to all the TV peeps who shared that promo with all the fans. What the hell was life like before twitter? I guess you all got a taste of that when the Bones fans broke twitter again. See what happens Hart? You introduce Booth’s love interest and the Bones fans take down the fastest growing social media site in the world. We’re like cyber terrorists with one specific demand…Booth & Brennan together. though mine might be Booth shirtless, pantsless or a combination of both…I’m digressing again. What the hell was I saying? I’m stuck thinking of pantsless Booth. You know what, I can get back to my original thought later.

Right! It was the promo and how I have decided to reserve judgement. After all, it’s only fair that we give our fearless executive producers the benefit of the doubt. They hate it when we jump to conclusions, and they’re right. I mean, really what right to we have to make intuitive leaps about something that we’ve seen only 30 seconds of? That being said I’m not going to speak my mind just yet.

  • I’m not going to tell you how badly I want to thank you for once again giving us Army Booth and that if that man tried to hide in the desert I’d sniff him out like a german shepherd at the airport. (This? It’s, confectioner’s sugar. I swear.)
  • I’m not going to tell you how, for as excited I am about Hannah (stone me later Bones fans, it’s a plot twist & I’m excited!) that she kind of comes off looking like a bitchy whore.
  • I’m not going to tell you that I may or may not be considering getting bangs because they look so good on Emily Deschanel. And I’m certainly not going to tell you that if I did it wouldn’t be the first time I stole a TV personality’s hairstyle. (I was 16, it was Stephanie McMahon from WWE, and it was a perm.)
  • I’m not going to groan because Booth is in a navy blue suit again and that when he wears that he kind of looks like a smurf or like a sexy, muscular, well-chiseled oompa loompa.
  • I’m not going to question why the eff Cam’s hair can look so damn good when she works on dead people. Shit, I work with live people and I don’t gussy it up that much for them. Although maybe if I did, I’d get a raise.
  • I’m not going to let you all know where my mind went with Booth’s jungle cat analogy. I don’t know what he was talking about anyway. I can certainly HOPE but I can assume that that’s not appropriate for network TV. It’s certainly not appropriate for a good Catholic school girl. Though, since I’m not one of those makes all the more sense that m’mind went *there*
  • I’m not going to talk about how that kiss looked totally awkward because I’m sure there’s some reasoning behind why that is too. Cause it TOTALLY did. I mean seriously. W.T.F. he has seen her before yes? We’re supposed to believe that he’s, perhaps, doinked her? It’s a good thing I’m not talking about that.
  • I’m not going to mention that I’m slightly peeved that Brennan’s comment to Angela of “Why? Are you in love with him?” kind of ticked me off since it’s been six seasons and her head appears to still be up her ass. Even though it’s not, it just appears that way.
  • So, yeah. Season 6 promo’s out and that’s what we got. But I’m gonna wait and reserve judgement. What do you guys think?

    Hannah? Bitch, I will CUT you.

    (Note: I’d also like to bill Hart Hanson for the Miracle Ear hearing aid I need after my mother deafened me by squealing like a Bieber fan when she saw this. Thank you for that.)

    1. You are hysterical, love your article. Back to the show…total support Booth trying to move on, that being said, I can’t watch him and blondie on screen. I will be watching with my hands over my eyes. I am really getting tired of detached Brennan. Get her some feelings. Also, don’t like how they are sexing up blondie and making Brennan look like a frump. That lady (Brennan) is beautiful, let it show. If we get rid of blondie and then Bren gets a SO, I am going to run full speed to the nearest cliff. Looking forward to season 6, bring it on Hart.

    2. The thing that gets me about Brennan is that they go back and forth with her character. Take, for example hacker. She went out with him and then when he asks her for coffee, she’s freaking out like she’s never been on a date before, let alone WITH him. Her character seems to regress instead of evolve sometimes and it makes me mad.

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