Bones Fans Support Emily Deschanel…and Miss New Promo

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While the Bones fans turned out in droves to support Emily Deschanel’s appearance on the Emmy’s (and to vent about her snub on Twitter) they missed something they obviously care more about: a new Bones promo. According to the Twitterverse, Fox aired a brand new promo for the show on the same evening when everyone else on the planet was watching what is actually turning out to be one of the best Emmy broadcasts in awhile. The good news is…Emily is trending on Twitter.

It's About F'ing Time.

Even better, look who’s got the Top Tweet about the lovely Miss Deschanel! Me thinks she deserves some exclusive scoopage for that Hart!

The bad news is that absolutely no one was watching Fox. Well, someone was. Until there’s a better version up, we’ll just have to do with this. God bless you henantz! You’re awesome.

Bucky Gunts? We missed a Bones promo for Bucky Gunts?

  1. Any theory about the white lab coats? That’s odd isn’t it? The pics tweeted feature blue ones. But here we have white?

  2. Well, apparently the lab is all sorts of different upon the return. And by all sorts of different…I mean it’s an ice age exhibit. So I’m assuming Cam & co are working in a different area of the Jeffersonian or even at the FBI.

  3. I love that the mastodon in the room is literal!

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