New Bones Promos Dazzles (And Spoils) Fans

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Give ’em the old razzle dazzle
Razzle Dazzle ’em
Give ’em an act with lots of flash in it
And the reaction will be passionate. ~Chicago

If ever there were more fitting lyrics to describe the Fox promo department, I have yet to hear them. And if you disagree with that statement, here’s a fun case study for you. Tonight’s episode of Bones (yes, it was on) was quickly forgotten as it was overshadowed by the promo for next week’s much anticipated ep entitled The Doctor in the Photo.

It’s hard to believe that a 30 second promo could really outweigh a full episode of a show. It’s hard to believe that fans could be so quick to forget the fact that Hannah bonded with Parker. That Brennan seemed to look a little more regretful than usual. That some dude died. Okay in all honesty, we all forget that someone dies every episode. However, with this promo there’s no doubt as to why fan reactions looked like this:

Yes. I’m a published writer. I’m a blogger with nearly 1700 blog entries written spanning a variety of topics and THAT’S what I came up with. Why? Here’s why. Here’s exactly why.

From those few seconds, we’re given a glimpse into an episode that looks like it could take on the acclaimed 100th episode in a fist fight and send it running home to Mommy. Seriously we’re talking the kind of episodic one-upsmanship that leaves its precursor with its tail between it’s legs whimpering like a sad puppy. For six seasons Bones fans have waited patiently to see the Booth/Brennan relationship come to fruition. Some have waited not so patiently. They’ve peppered that time spent with foul language and anger management problems, but the point is that they’ve waited. And to see that? To see Brennan make a confession of THAT magnitude…to see her admit that she made a mistake, that she missed her chance and to see her absolutely break down in tears is pretty heavy.*

My question is this: did we need to see it NOW? Did we need that powerful moment in that promo? Fox razzle dazzle’d the hell out of the Bones viewers tonight but at what cost? Have we truly been spoiled for this episode?

Fox has pulled the razzle dazzle card before, but I can’t help but have this nagging feeling that this one might have been too much. Before I existed as a cartoon sheep, I existed as a quasi TV blogger at Motivators. In fact, many of you read, commented on and shared a blog of mine entitled “A Plea to Bones Fans: Avoid the Spoilers.” In it, I talk of feeling like Christmas morning while watching the 100th episode, which I was lucky enough to watch completely unspoiled. It was like unwrapping a gift and being truly, geniunely surprised. It was an awesome feeling and it really made me stop looking so hard for spoilers.

Now here I find that I haven’t hunted for spoilers in a while. I haven’t read sides for this episode, and short of seeing the general comments made by the cast and EPs in the press, I wouldn’t consider myself spoiled at all. But what I just saw? That was, at least in my eyes, a BFD: a big f’in deal. In my plea for the fans to avoid spoilers in the 100th episode, it was different. A journalist had leaked a spoiler. In this case, it’s the network. The same network who revealed Angela’s pregnancy in a promo. The same network who offered up the “I love you….in an atta girl kinda way” in a promo.

The hardcore Bones fans, as you can see from the tweets are flipping out. I’d put money down that the occasional Bones viewer that caught that promo was impressed. Heck, I’d even bet that my desk buddy will watch that promo and think it looks good. (I’m judging that purely on her taste in TV shows which is pretty much equivalent to MY taste in TV shows, save for Bones.) The word will spread like wildfire across this very internet that something major is going down between Booth & Brennan next week on Bones. The truth is some hardcore Bones fans might consider themselves spoiled. However, chances are millions of people out there in TV land are dazzled by that truth. After all, like the song goes:

Razzle Dazzle ’em. And they’ll make you a star.

Shep’s Shameless But Awesome First Ever Website of the Week!

Just for clarification: I'm shameles. They're awesome.

I may be a lot of things: witty, sarcastic, hilarious, insightful…I could go on and on, but I won’t.

Instead, I’m gonna give all you Bones fans a little information about where to go to get your next fix. I wanted to give you a heads up about a new fan forum run by Bones fans, for Bones fans called Bonesology ( They have 7 main areas that are filled to the brim with threads on everything from Main Cast info to Fanfic to the latest spoiler buzz. They also offer four live chat rooms around the clock: one for general discussion and post-episode discussions; one for the spoiler crowd; one for international fans who are awake when the US is asleep; and one for writers who have lost their muse or are otherwise looking for inspiration. Another unique feature is the ability to collapse any of the 7 main areas at your leisure. This is especially handy for those who are spoiler-free and don’t wish to see thread titles, or who aren’t into fan-fiction. You do not need to create a new account to join Bonesology, simply log on with your existing Twitter or Facebook account and get started. If you are a fan of Bones in any way, shape, or form, go right now and visit Bonesology!

  1. I liked the promo, but…

    the pessimist in me sees this as a huge misdirect on the part of the promo people, especially in light of future spoilers. What can I say? I’ve been burned one too many times by this show. *sadface*

  2. Watched and thought so.

    Shep- Bones Season 1 – STAT!

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