Glee Casting Scoop: Or Rather Glee Casting Sincere Plea

In Glee, Shep's Thoughts on December 7, 2010 at 11:54 pm

Dear Ryan Murphy,

Let’s cut the BS and get to the point. You know talent when you see it. Here’s talent. Please see it. And then please contact Sam Tsui in any way possible (Twitter, YouTube message, Facebook, email, snail mail, fax, carrier pigeon, telegram, ect.) to get him on Glee. After watching the following videos I think you’ll agree that he needs to be there.

(Note to guy who yelled "I wanna have your babies" at the beginning of that: Ditto, sir. Oh and GET IN LINE!)

Oh and can he do Glee? See for yourself.

What do I get out of all this? Not a damn thing. If you’ve read this and you’ve watched the videos, that’s enough for me. Just sharing the Sam Tsui love y’all. Just sharing the love.

Sam on Facebook

Sam on Twitter

Sam on iTunes

  1. What a beautiful voice and such great talent!

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