The Killer in the Crosshairs Kills It With Bones Fans

In Bones, Episode Recaps on March 10, 2011 at 11:50 pm

Just one day after several fans took to the comments to bash Bones executive producers in an article that announced Emily Deschanel would not be stepping behind the camera this season, it seems that Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan have regained the love of their sometimes fair weather fans. It’s funny to watch how quickly the tides change, and how just giving fans a smidgen of what they want can result in a twitter feed that looks like this:

While those sparkling gems were all about the quick 30 second promo that aired after tonight’s episode, it can safely be said that The Killer in the Crosshairs effectively gave fans EXACTLY what they wanted this season: That old B&B magic.

From the opening scene (which could have been straight out of a fanfic, it was that perfect) to an awkward, yet adorable ending The Killer in the Crosshairs was most definitely reminescent of the Bones of yore. We were given everything we love. Don’t believe me? Check the score board.

1. Flirty Scene that’s Not Outwardly Flirtly but Could Easily Be Defended As Flirty
Check. It was that first one, the run in the park. They go running together. On their day off? He wants to go to a lecture with her? Let me put this in context for you all: if Seeley Booth were a dog, he’d be humping her leg.

2. Booth in the Lab
Check. In fact, not only did we get Booth in the lab we got Hodgins OVERLY explaining something to Booth, which effectively pissed him off. When in the HELL was the last time that happened? Personally, I love any Hodgins/Booth interaction and I will take as much of it as I can get. And then, like that annoying little British twerp, I will walk up to the front of the line and “Please, sir, may I have some more?” (I really hope you all read that with a badly faked British accent, because that is SO what I was going for there.)

3. Caroline Being Awesome in Any and All Regards (aka just being herself)
Check. If a realm of total and utter character perfection was “the can” and Caroline was “Boogey” then logically I must deduce that Boogey was indeed in the can. Caroline freaking ruled this episode with a legal fist that doesn’t mind smacking around a scrawny little twit. Thumbs up, Cher.

4. The Iconic Speculatory “He/She’s Her Lobster” Scene
Every good episode of Bones has one scene that makes fans channel Phoebe Buffay and squee “Awww he’s her lobster.” Or “Awww. She’s his lobster.” Either way, as long as someone can safely reference one of the parters being the other one’s crustacean, life is good. Tonight, we got TWO lobsters.
A. Booth caring so hard about what Brennan thinks of him. More importantly, Booth caring so much that Brennan might think badly of him that it drives him to SWEETS to talk about his feelings. Yeah, how about THEM apples. He wants to be her lobster. And he cares because he f’ing loves her.
B. Brennan confirming that she’s standing right beside him. And that she always will be. Unless they’re sitting. Too freaking cute for words. Translation: I’m you’re lobster. I certainly feel for you folks allergic to shellfish. Y’all must be a bit puffy right now. Might I offer you an epi pen?

5. Hot Booth/Angry Booth/Protective Booth/Flirty Booth/Angel Booth
If I were doing less of a deep analysis, I would just classify this section as Booth because we all know that he is the common denominator with every single one of those adjectives, but the whole is only as great as the sum of its parts, right? RIGHT?
Hot Booth: #Running = #Winning.
Angry Booth: Oh Caroline, you claimed you didn’t see anything. That’s fine. We all saw one hell of a sexy man getting all angry and all “I’ma grab you by your shirt collar and make you tell me what I wanna know.” You do that, Booth. You go be all “grrr Federal agent.” I loves me some “grrr Federal Agent.”
Protective Booth: “Stay in the car, Bones.” The last time he told her to do that there was a baby involved. This time…well, it was just damn sweet and sexy. He could guard my body any day. (Where is my filter? I mean really, WHAT?)
Flirty Booth: “I’ll buy the coffee cause I’m a gracious victor.” (Who would look great without his pants.)
Angel Booth: Rarely do I even get glimpses of the vamp detective with a soul that served as DB’s alter ego in the years before Bones. But tonight, I was looking at Angel as Jacob Broadsky held a gun on him in his apartment. And that Angry Booth scene later? Well that was Angelus minus leather pants.

Yes, the Killer in the Crosshairs had all the ingridents to make Bones fans squee happily with delight. And that promo that caused my twitter feed to look all wonky and crazy pants? Well, that’s right here loves.

Now I could get all deep into this one and say, “Brennan calls it making love!” and do a whole deep dive into their relationship but instead I’m just going to go with “OMFG THEY”RE TALKING ABOUT DOINKING!”

I’ll see you all next week…and in the words of Seeley Joeseph Booth: “I’m BACK Baby!”

I should apologize for liberal mentions of Pantsless Booth...but I won't.

  1. Love, Love, Love, and absolutely LOVE your review. Or you know I mean all the BB and Booth. Yes, yes, and okay, you get it. As for the promo, Bam!Baby. Me loves it a lot. You Should Not Apologize for your liberal mentions of pantless Booth. I love it. 😀

  2. *sigh* Your reviews make me all warm and toasty. “humping her leg”….bwahahaha! It’s funny because it’s *true*!

    Thanks for the laugh this morning…and the fan girl squee assist.

  3. Love you. Love your review.

    Love you mentioning Angel-y Booth!

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