Did Booth & Brennan Have Sex? Touche, Hart Hanson. Touche

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I imagine that right about now, Hart Hanson is sitting darkened room. It’s lit only by the glow of a fireplace, logs crackling as they succumb to flames. The high back leather chair he sits in faces away from the door, and a glass of irish whiskey resides in his hand. Behind him, his laptop pings with mentions of the Bones hashtag on twitter. Somewhere on the screen a social media feed is collecting Facebook status updates that contain the word Bones. These will all come to him tomorrow in a detailed marketing report that he can peruse at his leisure. But for now…for this very moment, the room is quiet. All one can hear is the crackling of the logs. The distant ping of the tweets. The cubes of ice in the irish whiskey clanking together. Until…the cackle.

It starts low at first…just like in the movies. A low, barely audible, cliched laugh that expands in volume, just like a chest cavity grasping for air. It opens slowly, wanting more, wanting to be free until the sound of manical laughter is nearly deafening.

For it is the laugh…of an evil genius.

It’s funny how this season, the fans came out in droves to attack Hanson for storylines that they didn’t agree with. Fans were so merciless in fact, that Hanson actually admitted that he’d stopped looking at his @ replies on Twitter. Some replies were so cruel and hateful, that he even blocked the users. After all, Hanson didn’t want to be hated. He’s not a sadist…


The most talked about episode of the season has finally arrived and The Hole in the Heart opened up much more than the sniper victims chest cavity. It opened up the biggest mystery in the history of the show. The credits have rolled and fans have been left wondering…

Did they or didn’t they?

For the average viewer, it’s a big enough question but for the super fans…the ones who read into everything and look for clues in every little scene, it was a mind screw that would have made JJ Abrams proud. Clues reside all over the episode that point to Yes, they had sex. Take a look.

1. When Brennan walks into Booth’s room, the time on the clock is 4:47AM…The EXACT same time that Bren walked into the bedroom that she shared with her husband, Mr. B in the episode The End in the Beginning. Right after she gets into bed…guess what they do?

2. Speaking of The End in the Beginning, that’s a very interesting title isn’t it? And since the clock was a throwback to that very same episode, could the title of that episode also be a clue? The
End” of a life signifying the “Beginning” of Booth & Brennan.

3.Booth’s mention of the “universe.” It’s easy to pass this off as nothing, as Brennan admitted that she’s an atheist. But she once got a sign from the universe. It spoke to her. And it told her, to take the chance. To not give up on Booth.

Those are just 3 clues from past episodes that I spotted in this episode, but there were plenty more tells besides that. Take for instance…

  • The smirk that Brennan gives Angela right before Hodgins interrupts. I’m sorry, but that smirk did not say to me “The cuddling was quite satisfactory.” It said more along the lines of, “I’ve been standing in the same place for an hour because I can’t walk right.”
  • The countless looks between Brennan and Angela. Those were the looks between best friends that have a major secret. I look at my friends that way and I usually get a high five or a “OMG, you didn’t!” Oh, but I did. And I’m thinking, the same goes for Brennan.
  • The look between Brennan and Booth at the strangest funeral procession I’ve ever seen.
  • The way she slipped her arm into his, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Have the done that before? Yes. But could it mean something more this time? You bet your sweet bippy.
  • While the next episode is entitled, The Change in the Game, one has to wonder have we already seen it? And how long til we find out what ACTUALLY happened? Sound off in the poll below! And comment, comment, comment!

    Seriously though, touche Hart Hanson, for finally answering the question “will they or won’t they” with the question, “did they or didn’t they?” You sir, are one wiley bastard. And I mean that in the kindest way possible.

    1. Did they?? Cause the picture of the clock that was when booth thought someone broke in. Did they and I think the next episode their gonna say Brennan is pregnant!!)

    2. […] also… be sure to head on over to Shep’s blog and weigh in on whether or not you think B&B actually DID  you […]

    3. LMAO! Shep, I followed a link from Bones Theory, and boy am I am glad I did. This was truly an inspired post. I loved it and laughed all the way through. 🙂

      You summed up everything I was thinking about HH and company. They are evil, evil geniuses, the lot of them, and I too, mean that in the nicest way possible. 😀

      The episode was amazing from start to finish and they are to be commended for their excellent work.

    4. Excellent episode. Exceptionally well written, beautifully directed, well acted. Well done, HH, et al. You did good!
      Fantastic character development for Brennan. And it was oh-so-nice to see Booth’s character in his greatest alpha role in way too long a while. Booth was confident, focused, brave and totally alpha to newbee agent Shaw.
      I thought I would be disappointed with the bedroom scene, but it was wonderful. It was intimate and loving. Booth new Brennan would crash because he has so much more experience with losing someone you care about, someone who is part of your team. And his was there for her, like he always is. But even better it shows that Bones is ready. So yahoo, lets go!

      • I love Shaw. Like love love love her. Booth is so alpha to her newbie and there’s nothing sexier than Alpha Booth. And her with Sweets…sign me up. SHAWEEET!

        As far as Booth and the bedroom scene, I have mixed feelings. Don’t get me wrong I loved it but I almost felt Booth was a little cold. But then he said “that’s why I’m here” and I wondered about his motives for getting her to stay. Was it soley protection? Was he aware that she would need him? Did he need her? So many lovely possibilities!

    5. I noticed the 4:47 thing and knew what was coming…if they did sleep together (I’m 99.5% sure they did for reasons you’ve stated above), then it was obviously tastefully done because of ED’s pregnancy. Perhaps in a year we’ll get a flashback to that moment when they can actually film it? XD

      Some people say Brennan is waiting in a doctor’s in the next promo, indicating she might be pregnant…I would lose a lot of respect for the writers (and a lot has been lost already this season) if they did that though :/

      • As far as the doctor thing is concerned…look who is next to Brennan. It’s Wendell. No worries on this I think its just her waiting to hear word on Angela and Hodgins. I’d bet they’re at the hospital for that.

    6. omg, I stayed up last night to watch it(had to record it due to work scedule,I’m a forensic scientist as well). I’ve been waiting six whole seasons for them to get in bed togther, I was PO’d when booth and brennan in bed had been fake in the end in the begaining.but it was so good i’m so sad that vincent died but so happy that they got in bed togther go Dr.B and booth.

    7. Oh Shep….it’s things like this that make me love you even more!!! LOL

      I know I am always guaranteed a laugh.

      I don’t think Booth and Brennan slept together…but i agree 100% on HH being an evil genius. The man is a legend, he really is!

    8. I thought the smirk that Brennan gives Angela right before Hodgins interrupts looked exactly like the one from “The Parts in the Sum of the Whole” right before she and Booth tell Sweets that nothing happened between them on that first case and she went home alone.

    9. They’re having a baby I’m so happy

    10. Now we know, of course, that they DID, but reading this got me thinking about The End in the Beginning. That episode was full of numbers and references to math. At one point I actually wrote them all down, looking for a pattern! Since you made the observation about the clock, now I wonder if other things in that episode were clues to thing we don’t know about yet. I will have to re-watch it.

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