Bad Day to Be a Bones Fan

In Uncategorized on December 5, 2011 at 8:34 pm

“There is…there is an inconsistency with my reasoning.” Zach Addy

Bones fans, I’m ashamed of you. I hate that I actually just had to say that, but the truth of the matter is that it needed to be said.

Not all of you, mind you. Some of you are absolutely fine. In fact the majority of Bones fans (the ones who aren’t on Twitter, aren’t reading this blog and only care enough to actually tune in) are the ones I’m most fine with. Why? Because they watch the show and they’re not hindering my enjoyment of it. However, there’s a few of you that are making me embarrassed to say I’m part of this fandom. And if you had seen me Friday night, karaoking my ass off to Ke$ha’s Tik Tok, you would know that I don’t embarrass easily.

Within the past few days some recent events have come to light across the Bones fandom that literally made me cringe. People are getting plain nasty with each other, and over what? Think about that for a second…over what? A TV show. I hate to break it to you all, but in terms of what’s going on with the fans…that’s all it is. It’s a TV show. For the cast, crew, and writers, it’s a job. But the fact of the matter, where these horrible disgusting actions are taking place…it’s within the fans. And like I said, it’s not everyone. In fact of the 10 million plus viewers that tune in, I guarantee the majority of them don’t even know half the crap that I’ve seen.

Case In Point: Booth vs. Bones, David vs. Emily

I don’t even know what the hell started this one, all I know is that my Twitter feed supposedly blew up with Emily fans attacking David fans and David fans attacking Emily fans. Truth be told (and pardon my French) but there’s really not a shit to be given in this “fight.” If you’re a Bones fan do have to LOVE them both equally? If you’re an Emily fan, do you have to HATE David? If you’re a David fan, do you have HATE Emily? The real question to be asked here is: do you have to hate anyone? And if you do hate someone, or if you love someone, or if you love them both, guess what: you have every right to.

HOWEVER You don’t have to defend your cause to masses. You don’t need you to repeatedly thrust your opinion at us like that really bad stripper at your cousin’s bachelorette party. We get it. Stop waving it in our faces. You’re just making us uncomfortable, and unlike that stripper, we’re not going to give you a dollar to make you go away. I happen to love Booth and Bones and Emily and David and in the words of Bobby Brown: IT’S MY PREROGATIVE. (And if any of you comment on this and say, “Don’t you mean Britney Spears?” so help me God…

Case in Point #2: The Finder is the Root of All Evil

I feel like this is stemming back into the whole, “If you like Bones, you must love and support The Finder at all costs.” Seriously guys, opinions are okay. If you don’t like the cheese, you don’t eat the cheese. Same goes for the show. You don’t like it, you don’t watch it. But the assumptions here are a little bit ridiculous.

#1. The Finder Is To Be Blamed for the Bones Hiatus.

Actually, that’d be Emily Deschanel’s maternity leave, but valiant effort for that one. Golf claps. Really. Oh, and if you want to hate on her for having a baby & causing this…well, I got nothing.

#2. Hart Hanson & Stephen Nathan Are to Be Blamed for the Schedule Change that Moved the Bones Finale Back a Month.
Yep. They’re just sitting there in those high leather wingback chairs next to a crackling fireplace laughing at the fact that they’ve screwed us Bones fans again. It was a business move by Fox. Think about it. You want ratings? You could lead in with a repeat of a show OR a new episode. Let me scratch my head and think about that one. They have advertisers to answer to. They invested MONEY in that show. So guess what trumps everything when it comes to scheduling? Yep, money. And that decision is one hundred percent decided by the network.

So, the midseason finale got pushed back a whole 32 days. Oh, the humanity. It’s a month. In fact, by airing in January, you’re actually INTERRUPTING a hiatus with a new episode. Seriously. Those bastards.

Maybe I’ll put this in terms you can all relate to by way of a Seeley Booth quote: “Get over it. This isn’t about you.” I know I just opened myself up to the influx of “But they don’t care about US” comments, and the fact here is that personally, no. They don’t. They pay millions of dollars in research to people who show them numbers about what works and the truth of the matter is that Bones fans have proven time & time again that they’ll show up. No matter where, no matter when. You will be there.

So essentially, you brought this on yourselves by being so faithful to the show that you all love so much. Speaking of the show that we all love so much, can we get back to that? Because the hates a little old and like I said, I’d prefer to be judged by my bad karaoke renditions of top 40 hits rather than a few selfish people who think life is ALL about them.

Fire at will…although, my answer to everything is probably going to be “Okay” and “Good For You.” Like I said, this here is my opinion. I’ve told you once. I’m going to put it back in my pants and walk away now.

  1. I really do love you.

  2. Absolutely spot on! Seriously happy that I am not following any of these people, have not heard any of this nonsense, and so sorry that you had to endure it! Wow! There is peace in the lock down button as well as having minimal followers who you know and trust not to be intense! Thankfully my timeline has been full of what a great episode comments, and awww doesn’t that suck comments…

  3. Perfect! I couldn’t have said it better.

  4. Amazingly awesome post!

  5. Thank god I don’t subscribe to this nonsense. The nasty, trash talking fans really need to get a life.

  6. I adore you. This isn’t news, admittedly, but this just cements it.


  7. Brilliant. I love you.

  8. Shep strikes again! 😀 Well said.

  9. Totally agree! Luckily I haven’t seen the any of the hate, just some of the people I follow reacting to the hate, so I’m glad I only follow sane Bones fans, if such a thing exists! Cannot believe people are hating on DB and ED because they prefer the other, in my opinion what makes the show great is the chemistry between them. I couldn’t imagine the show without either of them.

    I also agree with reasoning for network to air Bones right before The Finder starts. In the UK TV is not like this so all the network stuff does confuse me a little but at the end of the day, as you have said they have to make money above all else. Personally I’m hoping The Finder is successful enough to find a way over to British TV, I’m intrigued by it and definitely wanna see more.

  10. This shit is happening? Christ, some people really need to chill. Glad I missed it all. Sorry you needed to see it.

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