I Don’t Like You: Daisy Wick

In Bones, Shep's Thoughts on March 22, 2012 at 11:51 am

Let’s face it, sometimes you can have the most perfect show with the most perfect cast and everybody is happy. But more often than not, that’s not the case. There’s always that one character on your shows that you may not like as much as the others. I’ve always had this problem. In regards to Friends, it was Ross. On Will & Grace, it fluctuated between Will and Grace. On my long standing binge with General Hospital, it was Jason.

But then there are some characters you just utterly loathe so much that they actually make you want to fast forward their scenes. I’ve discovered that it most often happens with supporting characters, rather than key players. On Friends, it was Janice. On Will & Grace, it was Nathan. On General Hospital, it was Elizabeth.

And on Bones, it’s Daisy.

Let me get something straight right off the bat, Carla Gallo is excellent. I’ve seen her in plenty of other shows that did not make me want to take a baseball bat to my television screen. I think she’s a phenomenal actress. Her scene on Two Broke Girls had me cracking up. But the character of Daisy Wick just makes me…stabby.

Maybe it’s the fact that they positioned her as being “annoying” in her first episode. In The Man in the Outhouse, I’m sure they were going for the really “eager beaver” type of character. Desperate to please her mentor, she was willing to do anything to get the job done. The one scene that stands out to me the most (beyond her whiny little moments of ‘I Helped!’) is when Cam questions her about the information she found out about the gun. Her reaction was brash, sassy, and utterly disrespectful. From that moment, I wanted her to be taken down several notches. When I saw Sweets call her and say “Hey, I’m sorry you got fired,” I heaved a sigh of relief. She was annoying, and she was gone.

But then she came back and she was annoying again. In The Skull in the Sculpture, I once again found myself feeling a little stabby. And when she crushed that delicate skull, I just wanted to punch her. And then she got fired again, and I was happy. But when Sweets announced her was dating her, my stomach dropped and I realized the truth.

Daisy Wick was the housefly of Bones.

You know when you get a house fly. You swat them away and they just keep coming back and you just can’t kill them? That’s Daisy. She’s buzzing about annoyingly and you just CAN’T seem to get her with the fly swatter. There’s nothing you want more than to smash that swatter down on the counter and marvel at the fact that while, yes you do need a clorox wipe, the annoyance is finally gone.

But sadly, with Bones that hasn’t happened. Her buzzing has consisted of several pesky little annoyances like being a complete sex fiend, nauseatingly referring to Sweets as her Lancelot (barf), and just generally having no idea how off putting she is. And don’t you dare tell me that that is part of her charm. It may be who she is, but it is most certainly NOT charming.

I think part of my reason for hating her as much as I do stems from the fact that not once has she ever been taken down a notch. Remember when Shaw was so desperate to please Booth? She was just as eager as Daisy, just as excited to be working where she was and willing to do anything it took to get the job done. And when she told Booth all of this, he basically told her to “Shut up.” Because it wasn’t about her. And Shaw got it.

Actually, Finn was a character similar to Daisy in terms of him being off-putting in his first episode. His overhyped accent and the use of some of the most ridiculous excuses for southern analogies made me roll my eyes and I thought, “It’s like a male Daisy from Texas.” But then there was that amazing scene that he has with Brennan, and she bonds with him. He’s told her the honest truth about his family life and she accepted it. It was simply Brennan’s form of saying “Shut up. It’s not about you.” And boom. There is was. Redemption. It was one scene lost in arguably one of the worst episodes of the series, but it was there.

Daisy has never been redeemed in my eyes. Three firings, numerous inappropriate moments, and several instances of noting that everyone in the lab is annoyed by this person, and yet she’s still around acting as she always has. Maybe if the characters on screen looked at her differently, the audience might as well. Hodgins still can’t stand her, Angela is annoyed by her and Booth comes across as mere seconds away from shooting her when in her presence. How exactly are we supposed to like a character when everyone on screen essentially can’t stand her?

Daisy hasn’t been redeemed and at this point, I can’t see it happening. To quote one Phantom of the Opera, “We’re past the point of no return.” So seriously, can we just drop a chandelier on her and be done with it?

  1. There are no words for how much I love you right now. Be thankful we’re on opposite sides of the world!

  2. Agreed 100% on this post!!! Let’s hope she does not come back ever.

  3. Watching the show again on Netflix and I forgot how much I cannot stand her. She did not add to the show in my opinion.

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