An Open Letter to NBC, From a Community Fan

In Uncategorized on May 13, 2012 at 2:34 pm

Dear NBC, 

I’m sorry. I feel like the only way to start out this letter is with an apology. I really don’t know what I or other Community fans have done to offend you so greatly as of late, but as I look as your recently released fall schedule, I realize, it must have been something really really bad. What else could explain your placement of my favorite show in such a disastrous time slot on the fall schedule? 

We Community fans have given you our heart and soul, just as the Chuck fans had because YOU (yes, YOU NBC) gave us something amazing. You gave us the Greendale 7. Each and every episode of Community has been funny. Have they all been hilarious? No. But they have made us laugh which is the point of a comedy. While other networks have surpassed you in ratings and you have taken beating after beating, we stood by you because YOU, NBC were the ones responsible for so much of the funny in our lives. 

From the very first preview I ever saw of Community, I loved it. The scene where Joel McHale & Jon Oliver talk about Duncan’s DUI is still to this day one of the funniest moments of TV history. Its been over a year and I still cannot bring myself to delete the KFC episode from my DVR. This year’s musical episode surpassed every expectation I have ever had about anything ever. I literally sit here recalling so many funny moments that I feel warrant mention in this blog and I realize they’re too numerous to count. And part of me wants to list them all just for the fun of it, but then I think about what this is and I change my mind. This is an open letter to YOU NBC, and yet I know you won’t read it because I know you don’t care. 

After all, giving my favorite show Whitney as a lead in on a Friday at 8PM speaks volumes about how much I (and all other Community fans) mean to you. Has anyone at your network even seen Whitney? Because it’s awful. It’s really, really bad. I mean, seriously. I would tell you to watch it sometime, but I clearly don’t hate you as much as you hate me. 

Granted,  we Community fans should take refuge in the fact that our little show has been renewed. We should be thanking you for not canning it outright.

But instead, here I am feeling like Oliver Twist: terrified, cold, hated and alone as I simply ask “Please sir, may I have some more.” The tasteless gruel that you put on my plate will be served on Fridays at 8PM in the form of Whitney. It’ll be vile and unfunny, and might make me want to vomit, but I will have learned my lesson. I will never ask for more again.

So, NBC, again I would to apologize on behalf of all Community fans. We’re sorry that all we wanted was more of a show that we loved that you gave us. But I have learned something from all of this. I’ve learned to never ask for something from you ever again. I will watch Fox, and ABC, and CBS (now that they love Cougar Town, TBS) and stay far away from you NBC. 

Because God forbid I want more of another of your shows. I know what happens to TV fans who get greedy. 


Again, my sincerest apologies,

A Loyal Lover of the Greendale Seven.



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