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Bones Season 8 Premiere Sneak Peeks: Shep’s Take

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One week from tonight…one week from the very time that I am writing this post, Bones will be back on the airwaves. It’ll be back to wrap up one of the most intense season finales in the show’s history and to say that fans are excited is an understatement. They’ve been chomping at the bit since Brennan drove off with her daughter, leaving a broken Booth on the steps of the church where his daughter had just been christened. Any piece of information they can get about the upcoming season has been gobbled up the spoiler-hungry fans who are in full pursuit of the question: what’s next?

Today Fox released the best hints we’ve got of what’s to come: 5 sneak peeks of the season premiere “The Future in the Past.” Take a look at the very first serious looks at what is in store next week.

Oh, and of course, you can find these other places but here you get Shep’s exclusive commentary. (Not that that counts for anything, but a sheep can dream.)


  1.  Let’s talk about the awesomeness of Reed Diamond. Bones hit the jackpot in terms of casting a federal agent that can stand toe to toe with Booth.
  2.  “My office.” Um, that’s Booth’s office.
  3.  Shout out to the bobble head bobby!
  4.  How long have we dreamed of seeing a picture like that on Booth’s desk.


  1. The blonde hair wouldn’t fool anyone and I love this show, but come on hair and make-up. You can do better than that.
  2.  “Da-da!” So sweet.
  3.  Three months and Brennan still looks just as heart broken as she did when she left.
  4.  How much am I loving that both Booth and Brennan look at the same picture? And again, 8 seasons worth of waiting for that picture…and I would do it all again.


  1.  Having spent some time at the unemployment office this past year, I am not surprised that a serial killer would be able to get a job there. (I kid! Kind of…some of those people were scary)
  2.  Booth is just all kinds of sexy…even when filling out paperwork. All glarey and whatnot. *whew*
  3.  Wondering what number the FBI is on Pelant’s speed dial.


  1.  A moment of silence for whatever the hell crawled up Cam’s ass & died. I’m hoping she wasn’t actually serious about the possibility of that being Brennan’s body, otherwise quel harsh, no?
  2.  Um, Angela ix-nay on the Ennan-Bray leaving the ower-flay. Maybe not with the proclaiming that one so much in front of Flynn.
  3.  Speaking of Flynn…seriously, the levels of bad-assery knows no bounds. I seriously love him.
  4.  Clark, so good to see you. Be around more. Kthnxbai


And finally…the pièce de résistance…the one thing that every fan has been waiting for. The one thing that has been teased in the promo, and gets even more of a tease here right now…the Booth and Brennan reunion.


  1.  I wish it was lit a little bit better, because I would really love to see that fight scene a little bit brighter.
  2.  So, there’s no yelling, no screaming…just passion. And something I saw described on tumblr as pelvic embracement. I support this term.
  3.  If Booth was on top of me, I would have reacted the exact same way.
  4.  Note that the kissing and the pelvic embracing get cut off. Which means there is more.


THERE. IS. MORE. And it’s coming next week. So the only question left is:







An Open Letter to NBC, From a Community Fan

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Dear NBC, 

I’m sorry. I feel like the only way to start out this letter is with an apology. I really don’t know what I or other Community fans have done to offend you so greatly as of late, but as I look as your recently released fall schedule, I realize, it must have been something really really bad. What else could explain your placement of my favorite show in such a disastrous time slot on the fall schedule? 

We Community fans have given you our heart and soul, just as the Chuck fans had because YOU (yes, YOU NBC) gave us something amazing. You gave us the Greendale 7. Each and every episode of Community has been funny. Have they all been hilarious? No. But they have made us laugh which is the point of a comedy. While other networks have surpassed you in ratings and you have taken beating after beating, we stood by you because YOU, NBC were the ones responsible for so much of the funny in our lives. 

From the very first preview I ever saw of Community, I loved it. The scene where Joel McHale & Jon Oliver talk about Duncan’s DUI is still to this day one of the funniest moments of TV history. Its been over a year and I still cannot bring myself to delete the KFC episode from my DVR. This year’s musical episode surpassed every expectation I have ever had about anything ever. I literally sit here recalling so many funny moments that I feel warrant mention in this blog and I realize they’re too numerous to count. And part of me wants to list them all just for the fun of it, but then I think about what this is and I change my mind. This is an open letter to YOU NBC, and yet I know you won’t read it because I know you don’t care. 

After all, giving my favorite show Whitney as a lead in on a Friday at 8PM speaks volumes about how much I (and all other Community fans) mean to you. Has anyone at your network even seen Whitney? Because it’s awful. It’s really, really bad. I mean, seriously. I would tell you to watch it sometime, but I clearly don’t hate you as much as you hate me. 

Granted,  we Community fans should take refuge in the fact that our little show has been renewed. We should be thanking you for not canning it outright.

But instead, here I am feeling like Oliver Twist: terrified, cold, hated and alone as I simply ask “Please sir, may I have some more.” The tasteless gruel that you put on my plate will be served on Fridays at 8PM in the form of Whitney. It’ll be vile and unfunny, and might make me want to vomit, but I will have learned my lesson. I will never ask for more again.

So, NBC, again I would to apologize on behalf of all Community fans. We’re sorry that all we wanted was more of a show that we loved that you gave us. But I have learned something from all of this. I’ve learned to never ask for something from you ever again. I will watch Fox, and ABC, and CBS (now that they love Cougar Town, TBS) and stay far away from you NBC. 

Because God forbid I want more of another of your shows. I know what happens to TV fans who get greedy. 


Again, my sincerest apologies,

A Loyal Lover of the Greendale Seven.


Tuesday’s Hangover: The Best TV Moments from Last Night (incl Raising Hope, Cougar Town, New Girl & Breaking In)

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I’m not sure about the rest of you but Tuesday has most definitely ousted Thursday as the Must See comedy night on TV for me. In fact with Glee currently off the schedule and no special performances of American Idol, I’m damn near sure that this is the best night on television. Don’t believe me? Check out the recaps and best lines of the night below.

After a painful (and apparently second) nipple injury, Jimmy does some research and finds out that nearly everything Hope owns is either dangerous by his standards or the government’s. To pay for new things that won’t accidentally kill the baby/injure Jimmy’s freakishly long yet extremely sensitive nipples, Virginia takes a job as nanny to a highly temperamental teenage girl. Jimmy, meanwhile, realizes that the best way to care for Maw Maw is to let her live in a delusion in which she believes him to be her dead husband Willard.

Best Lines:

Natalie: Why would you buy me these jeans? Look at these holes! They’re in all the wrong places!
Father: How am I supposed to know, the right holes from the wrong holes?
Natalie: Maybe that’s why Mom left you!

8 year old Jimmy: My nipple, my nipple, my nipple!

Burt: We can make money some other way. What if I sell my plasma? To those people who make the fancy TVs?!

Virginia: No, I am still cool! I’m like…Alicia Silverstone! And Alicia would say that you are clueless about the risks of teenage sex.

Sabrina: Jimmy, you know I love your quirky family but you nailing your great grandmother is going to be a deal breaker for me.

Burt: This piece of popcorn fell down Virginia’s cleavage. Just when you think boobs can’t get any better…butter flavored!

Maw Maw: Speaking of things that purr, I have a gift you can open. Here’s a hint: it’s my legs.

The long standing Grayson wants a baby dilemma is solved when he runs into an ex and finds out he’s a daddy: to a baby girl named Tampa. As Jules tries to deal with the news, Ellie deals with the fact that Bobby’s penchant for surfing is interrupting her “wave sitting.”

Best Lines:

Going through Grayson’s Lost and Found “Bang Box”
Laurie: This is my bra! Oh right, I always forget that we hooked up.

Jules: Yesterday I took a shower without talking to you on speakerphone!
Ellie: And?
Jules: It was horrible.

Travis: So, what brings you to the Phallus Palace?
Laurie: That would be such a good gay bar name!
Travis: Then we shall find a new house name.

Ellie: I don’t actually ride the waves. I sit. I’m a wave sitter.
Bobby: That makes less sense than non-alcoholic beer. Or soccer.

Laurie: There’s my baby girl!
Jules: You know HER?
Laurie: Tampa’s my god daughter.
Grayson: My daughter’s name is Tampa?
Ellie: I think this might be my favorite day ever.

Laurie: Why are you joining the black frat?
Travis: Sig has always considered himself black adjacent.

Jules: It is exhausting thinking of other people’s feelings.
Ellie: I know, that’s why I stopped doing it.

Jess comes to blows with a wealthy father of one of her students and then realizes that she likes him. Winston deals with the fact that Schmidt is better at bar trivia than he is, which leaves him feeling less than adequate in front of Shelby. When Nick’s low credit score causes him to be denied a cell phone, he attempts to go “Ghost Protocol” and live as Nick Miller, the man without a phone.

Best Lines:

About Nick’s credit score
Jess: 250? You get 150 just for being alive!

Jess: Do you have a box of charity phones that you’re sending to Africa? Can he just have one of those?

Shelby: Calvin Coolige’s birthplace? How do you know something like that?
Schimdt: Question, how do you forget something like that? Jar! I’m going to jar myself on that one.

Schmidt: Winston, don’t feel bad. It’s your public school education. You’ll catch up. Jar again!

Tonya: From now on, your classroom is full on North Korea. Math! Math! Math!

Winston: You weigh more than your credit score.

Jess: I don’t know how to drive cars that work.

CeCe: Spencer. Wore. Jellies.

Nick: This hallway’s excessive. It’s braggy.

Addressing a stuffed duck
Nick: I want to kill you. Because I respect you. (To Jess) I think I understand hunting!

Jess: Bidet, if I do.

Schmidt: Winston, you are all over the place. The Green Bay Packers did not invent the “D” formation, nor was Crispin Glover the first man to die in the Revolutionary War.

Schmidt: Do you want me to put on some Jodeci?

When Contra Security decides to go up against a 14 year old hacker by the name of Rembrant, Veronica decides the boy just needs some guidance and thus makes him the office intern. Meanwhile, Cameron navigates his feelings for Melanie, who fights him nearly every step of the way. Nearly.

Best Lines:

Cash: Look, I’ve told you before. Melanie is an ice road trucker caught inside the body of a telemundo weather girl.

Cash: Oh, my eyes just had sex.

Veronica: Yeah, it’s a great big file. I let her carry it around otherwise I might get those big crazy Madonna arms.

Veronica: Aww, how sweet. You know your dog is a possum right? I can tell because that is a possum.

After Cameron gives her his jacket
Melanie: Oh, see. Right there. It’s like you’re living in a Katherine Heigl movie. And she sucks.

Veronica: Hold on a second, it’s my conscious calling. Hi Renee. Oh, sorry, can you hear me now? Oh okay. Okay, bye now. (To Oz) Renee thinks you’re a douche.

Melanie: Ready for round 3?
Cam: Absolutely, just give me 20 minutes and some coconut water and I’ll be good.

Veronica: Jamal’s father pushed a broom for Inatech for 30 years. And one day before he was supposed to receive his pension, they fire him. How do you feel now?
Office guy: I don’t care at all.
Oz: Veronica, Jamal’s father is a very successful chiropractor. You’ve just been played by a child.

Oz: Damn it, now I’m feeling feelings!

Cash: Where were you last night? Love and Other Drugs came on. Anne Hathaway gets topless. I wanted to watch it on the phone with you.

Cam: Virginity is making you crazy.
Cash: Falsehood! I had sex with a woman twice. Comic Con ’08 & ’09. She Hawk and Lady Yoda.


Line of the Night: Winner goes to Schmidt (no shocker there considering how much I love him) for his “Do you want me to turn on some Jodeci?” moment.

Scene Stealer of the Night: Creepy Carol from Breaking In. Her attempt to get a 14 yr old to sexually harass her was hilarious.

Scene of the Night: Cameron and Melanie’s long awaited hookup finally happening…to a Spanish version of Peter Gabriel’s in your eyes.

Show of the Night: Cougar Town wins it with the reveal of Grayson’s daughter. Spoilers made this news seem like a paltry predictable bandaid for the Jules vs. Grayson kid problem, it actually turned out to be one of the greatest reveals in the shows history. His kid’s name is Tampa, her mother (who thinks his full name is Graymond) puts glitter blush on her and Laurie is Tampa’s god mother. Ellie was right. Favorite. Day. Ever.

What was your favorite show of the evening? Take the poll and hit the comments!

The Voice: Looking for the World’s Next Screeching Cat

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Long Island residents who heard a howl of epic proportions last night around 8:30, I apologize. That was me dealing with the fact that after perhaps one of the world’s worst performances in the history of…I’m going to go with ever, CeeLo chose to pass along former model Erin Martin over rock duo the Sheilds brothers on The Voice. Normally, I love when a TV show causes me to have such a visceral reaction, like for example with The Big C. The past two season finales have caused me to engage in what I can only describe as “ugly sobbing.” And I screamed aloud in sheer happiness when on Bones, Brennan announced her pregnancy. I’ve done happiness and I’ve done sadness, but never in my life have I been so MAD at a TV show.

It was shocking to me that Martin made it through the first round of blind auditions. From watching her discuss her time as a model she came off as horrendously self absorbed and for a minute I thought that the Voice would come through. I thought that the “pretty little model who thinks she’s all that” would be bitchsmacked back down with the rest of us unworthy peons. But The Voice isn’t about dream crushing and to my shock, two judges turned around. I could practically hear the “ping” when CeeLo laid eyes on her. You know what I’m talking about.

The fact of the matter was that her performance was horrible. Her rendition of ‘Hey There, Deliah’ showcased nothing but a weak vocal range and the ability to replicate the sound of one’s vocal chords being scraped along a cheese grater. Part of me hoped that Blake, who I love so dearly, only turned around to offer her a Riccola.

CeeLo’s initial judgments were 100% not relegated to her voice, but instead to her appearance. “You are a wonderful creature of a woman. You look beautiful.” Upon seeing his reaction, I came to rethink what exactly Christina meant when she exclaimed “CeeLo is so HAPPY right now.” Perhaps the best reaction of the night came after her highness blatantly asked Adam why he didn’t turn around. “I was confused and perhaps..a little bit scared.” I was scared too, Adam. So, so, scared.

Think Jessie Spano on caffeine pills terrified.

I lost a tremendous amount of respect for both CeeLo and Blake, but Blake redeemed himself by not really fighting all that hard for her. But last night, CeeLo really took the cake.

Pairing Erin against the rock duo, The Sheilds brothers was a cop out in my opinion. Of all contestants on his team, these were the two weakest. The rock group who CeeLo who really doesn’t understand how to coach because he’s hardly a rock singer and the woman with a grainy, pitchy mix who, let’s be honest sings like a 3 year old who’s a candidate for Speech therapy going to pair up for Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do With It”. The only thing that can possibly come up with a grouping so strange is a game of drunken mad libs.

As the pairing began, it was obvious that she was trying to take control, telling CeeLo, that she felt she “should have that part” of the song. My initial reaction to that comment was “I’m sorry sweetheart, there is no 5th chair and you are certainly not in it.” From that moment, I looked forward to her being canned. After all, everyone in America just witnessed her questioning CeeLo’s coaching advice. Just look at the difference between her reactions to a coach’s advice and to The Sheilds brothers.

Sheilds Brothers: The best advice that Babyface and CeeLo gave to us was just to pull back. We’re not really used to pulling back.

Erin: My confidence was just completely shaken. I didn’t get what they were trying to say. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that someone thought that *I* was not sexy.

As much as I hated her in that moment (and that was ALOT), I was also kinda shocked at CeeLo. Ne-Yo completely understood and grasped the context of the song, but when CeeLo described it as sexy, it made me realize that he’s looking at the marketability of the artist and not the artist themselves. She’s hot, therefore she can do a sexy song.

After a performance as what I can only describe as a screeching cat stuck in a garbage disposal, Erin managed to make it through. Why? Probably because CeeLo wants to doink her.

Checking The Voice’s Facebook feed and doing a twitter search will give you several hundred variations of what I’ve already said above. In fact, Erin making it through to the live shows seems to be the absolute biggest controversy surrounding The Voice right now. So what does all this mean?

Was it a ratings stunt? Was she passed through just to get people talking about the show? Because they certainly are. Did the brain that sits beneath CeeLo’s cat override the brain that sits on top of his shoulders? I think so. And this all is just making me angry.

The Voice was SO different than American Idol because it seemed that it was actually about talent. Javier Colon was amazing but at the end of the day, his record sales failed to deliver. So now we face things like marketability of the singer and controversial decisions. I’m finding myself less invested and in 2 weeks when Bones comes back to battle The Voice on Mondays at 8PM, I’m in their corner.

That girl makes me want to kick a puppy. And I LOVE puppies.

Bad Day to Be a Bones Fan

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“There is…there is an inconsistency with my reasoning.” Zach Addy

Bones fans, I’m ashamed of you. I hate that I actually just had to say that, but the truth of the matter is that it needed to be said.

Not all of you, mind you. Some of you are absolutely fine. In fact the majority of Bones fans (the ones who aren’t on Twitter, aren’t reading this blog and only care enough to actually tune in) are the ones I’m most fine with. Why? Because they watch the show and they’re not hindering my enjoyment of it. However, there’s a few of you that are making me embarrassed to say I’m part of this fandom. And if you had seen me Friday night, karaoking my ass off to Ke$ha’s Tik Tok, you would know that I don’t embarrass easily.

Within the past few days some recent events have come to light across the Bones fandom that literally made me cringe. People are getting plain nasty with each other, and over what? Think about that for a second…over what? A TV show. I hate to break it to you all, but in terms of what’s going on with the fans…that’s all it is. It’s a TV show. For the cast, crew, and writers, it’s a job. But the fact of the matter, where these horrible disgusting actions are taking place…it’s within the fans. And like I said, it’s not everyone. In fact of the 10 million plus viewers that tune in, I guarantee the majority of them don’t even know half the crap that I’ve seen.

Case In Point: Booth vs. Bones, David vs. Emily

I don’t even know what the hell started this one, all I know is that my Twitter feed supposedly blew up with Emily fans attacking David fans and David fans attacking Emily fans. Truth be told (and pardon my French) but there’s really not a shit to be given in this “fight.” If you’re a Bones fan do have to LOVE them both equally? If you’re an Emily fan, do you have to HATE David? If you’re a David fan, do you have HATE Emily? The real question to be asked here is: do you have to hate anyone? And if you do hate someone, or if you love someone, or if you love them both, guess what: you have every right to.

HOWEVER You don’t have to defend your cause to masses. You don’t need you to repeatedly thrust your opinion at us like that really bad stripper at your cousin’s bachelorette party. We get it. Stop waving it in our faces. You’re just making us uncomfortable, and unlike that stripper, we’re not going to give you a dollar to make you go away. I happen to love Booth and Bones and Emily and David and in the words of Bobby Brown: IT’S MY PREROGATIVE. (And if any of you comment on this and say, “Don’t you mean Britney Spears?” so help me God…

Case in Point #2: The Finder is the Root of All Evil

I feel like this is stemming back into the whole, “If you like Bones, you must love and support The Finder at all costs.” Seriously guys, opinions are okay. If you don’t like the cheese, you don’t eat the cheese. Same goes for the show. You don’t like it, you don’t watch it. But the assumptions here are a little bit ridiculous.

#1. The Finder Is To Be Blamed for the Bones Hiatus.

Actually, that’d be Emily Deschanel’s maternity leave, but valiant effort for that one. Golf claps. Really. Oh, and if you want to hate on her for having a baby & causing this…well, I got nothing.

#2. Hart Hanson & Stephen Nathan Are to Be Blamed for the Schedule Change that Moved the Bones Finale Back a Month.
Yep. They’re just sitting there in those high leather wingback chairs next to a crackling fireplace laughing at the fact that they’ve screwed us Bones fans again. It was a business move by Fox. Think about it. You want ratings? You could lead in with a repeat of a show OR a new episode. Let me scratch my head and think about that one. They have advertisers to answer to. They invested MONEY in that show. So guess what trumps everything when it comes to scheduling? Yep, money. And that decision is one hundred percent decided by the network.

So, the midseason finale got pushed back a whole 32 days. Oh, the humanity. It’s a month. In fact, by airing in January, you’re actually INTERRUPTING a hiatus with a new episode. Seriously. Those bastards.

Maybe I’ll put this in terms you can all relate to by way of a Seeley Booth quote: “Get over it. This isn’t about you.” I know I just opened myself up to the influx of “But they don’t care about US” comments, and the fact here is that personally, no. They don’t. They pay millions of dollars in research to people who show them numbers about what works and the truth of the matter is that Bones fans have proven time & time again that they’ll show up. No matter where, no matter when. You will be there.

So essentially, you brought this on yourselves by being so faithful to the show that you all love so much. Speaking of the show that we all love so much, can we get back to that? Because the hates a little old and like I said, I’d prefer to be judged by my bad karaoke renditions of top 40 hits rather than a few selfish people who think life is ALL about them.

Fire at will…although, my answer to everything is probably going to be “Okay” and “Good For You.” Like I said, this here is my opinion. I’ve told you once. I’m going to put it back in my pants and walk away now.

Let’s Play Speculation: Bones “The Hole in the Heart” Promo

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I’m paraphrasing from Wedding Crashers here but Fox…you are my bitch lover. Seriously. Watch the promo for next week’s Bones, “The Hole in the Heart” and then tell me that statement isn’t true.

Firstly, wow. I still can’t wrap my head around why the Fox promo department feels the need to spoil so much in their promos. They could have faded to black right after that dramatic shot of each character and Brennan screaming “call an ambulance, someone’s been shot.”

We’ve seen 30 non-secutive seconds of a 45 minute episode and already fans are practically pooping themselves with the thought of possibilities. And there’s this tweet:

Thank you kind sir, for poking the g-damn bear. But it makes me wonder…is this the episode that fans have been waiting 6 years for? Will Booth and Brennan finally knock boots? Will he jump Bones’ bones? Will they do the horizontal mambo? Will they feel the Earth move? Will they play hide the sausage? Will they do the hippity dippity? Will there be a hot beef injection? Will there be a game of slap and tickle?Will our fav FBI agent play doctor with the good doctor? Will he stuff the beaver? Will he throw a log on her fire? Will he wet his wick? Will they pay a visit to the island of ComeOnIWannaLayYa? Will he DIP his wick? Will they break the laws of psychics? What I’m trying to say here…

Will there be more than one BANG in this episode? Take the poll and sound off in the comments!

6AM & I'm Googling "Sex euphamisms." The things I do for you people.

Top 5 Tuesday: Troy and Abed Style

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So, it’s Tuesday and I decided to post something a little bit different. And no the difference is not that I’m posting something at all! I’ve decided that Tuesdays are meant Top Lists…and I thought Top 10? Too many. Top 3? Too few. And then it came to me. That magical number that just stands out in the middle begging to be noticed. Yes, Tuesdays are hence forth being known as Top 5 Tuesdays.

And who better to kick off Top 5 Tuesday than the members of TV’s most hilarious bromance? That’s right. Troy and Abed from Community! Without further adieu, for your giggling pleasure I’m proud to present to you…the Top 5 Troy and Abed moments!

5. Kicking it off at number 5 is the little rap that made fans everywhere sit up and take notice of the comedy duo. La biblioteca proves that they’re a force to be reckoned with.

4. The only one who suffers when Troy and Abed take on Bert and Ernie is Dimitri. Poor Dimitri.

3. Matt and Merideth. Hoda and Kathie Lee. Troy and Abed? Oh yes. Oh hellls yes.

2. Since it is the holiday season, how could we neglect Christmas Troy? He is both fair and lovely.

1. And the number one reason we honor Troy and Abed today is because they ponder the lifelong questions that you’ve never dared speak aloud. Such as, what would you do if you woke up as a donut?

New Bones Promos Dazzles (And Spoils) Fans

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Give ’em the old razzle dazzle
Razzle Dazzle ’em
Give ’em an act with lots of flash in it
And the reaction will be passionate. ~Chicago

If ever there were more fitting lyrics to describe the Fox promo department, I have yet to hear them. And if you disagree with that statement, here’s a fun case study for you. Tonight’s episode of Bones (yes, it was on) was quickly forgotten as it was overshadowed by the promo for next week’s much anticipated ep entitled The Doctor in the Photo.

It’s hard to believe that a 30 second promo could really outweigh a full episode of a show. It’s hard to believe that fans could be so quick to forget the fact that Hannah bonded with Parker. That Brennan seemed to look a little more regretful than usual. That some dude died. Okay in all honesty, we all forget that someone dies every episode. However, with this promo there’s no doubt as to why fan reactions looked like this:

Yes. I’m a published writer. I’m a blogger with nearly 1700 blog entries written spanning a variety of topics and THAT’S what I came up with. Why? Here’s why. Here’s exactly why.

From those few seconds, we’re given a glimpse into an episode that looks like it could take on the acclaimed 100th episode in a fist fight and send it running home to Mommy. Seriously we’re talking the kind of episodic one-upsmanship that leaves its precursor with its tail between it’s legs whimpering like a sad puppy. For six seasons Bones fans have waited patiently to see the Booth/Brennan relationship come to fruition. Some have waited not so patiently. They’ve peppered that time spent with foul language and anger management problems, but the point is that they’ve waited. And to see that? To see Brennan make a confession of THAT magnitude…to see her admit that she made a mistake, that she missed her chance and to see her absolutely break down in tears is pretty heavy.*

My question is this: did we need to see it NOW? Did we need that powerful moment in that promo? Fox razzle dazzle’d the hell out of the Bones viewers tonight but at what cost? Have we truly been spoiled for this episode?

Fox has pulled the razzle dazzle card before, but I can’t help but have this nagging feeling that this one might have been too much. Before I existed as a cartoon sheep, I existed as a quasi TV blogger at Motivators. In fact, many of you read, commented on and shared a blog of mine entitled “A Plea to Bones Fans: Avoid the Spoilers.” In it, I talk of feeling like Christmas morning while watching the 100th episode, which I was lucky enough to watch completely unspoiled. It was like unwrapping a gift and being truly, geniunely surprised. It was an awesome feeling and it really made me stop looking so hard for spoilers.

Now here I find that I haven’t hunted for spoilers in a while. I haven’t read sides for this episode, and short of seeing the general comments made by the cast and EPs in the press, I wouldn’t consider myself spoiled at all. But what I just saw? That was, at least in my eyes, a BFD: a big f’in deal. In my plea for the fans to avoid spoilers in the 100th episode, it was different. A journalist had leaked a spoiler. In this case, it’s the network. The same network who revealed Angela’s pregnancy in a promo. The same network who offered up the “I love you….in an atta girl kinda way” in a promo.

The hardcore Bones fans, as you can see from the tweets are flipping out. I’d put money down that the occasional Bones viewer that caught that promo was impressed. Heck, I’d even bet that my desk buddy will watch that promo and think it looks good. (I’m judging that purely on her taste in TV shows which is pretty much equivalent to MY taste in TV shows, save for Bones.) The word will spread like wildfire across this very internet that something major is going down between Booth & Brennan next week on Bones. The truth is some hardcore Bones fans might consider themselves spoiled. However, chances are millions of people out there in TV land are dazzled by that truth. After all, like the song goes:

Razzle Dazzle ’em. And they’ll make you a star.

Shep’s Shameless But Awesome First Ever Website of the Week!

Just for clarification: I'm shameles. They're awesome.

I may be a lot of things: witty, sarcastic, hilarious, insightful…I could go on and on, but I won’t.

Instead, I’m gonna give all you Bones fans a little information about where to go to get your next fix. I wanted to give you a heads up about a new fan forum run by Bones fans, for Bones fans called Bonesology ( They have 7 main areas that are filled to the brim with threads on everything from Main Cast info to Fanfic to the latest spoiler buzz. They also offer four live chat rooms around the clock: one for general discussion and post-episode discussions; one for the spoiler crowd; one for international fans who are awake when the US is asleep; and one for writers who have lost their muse or are otherwise looking for inspiration. Another unique feature is the ability to collapse any of the 7 main areas at your leisure. This is especially handy for those who are spoiler-free and don’t wish to see thread titles, or who aren’t into fan-fiction. You do not need to create a new account to join Bonesology, simply log on with your existing Twitter or Facebook account and get started. If you are a fan of Bones in any way, shape, or form, go right now and visit Bonesology!

Twitter, TV, & Metrics: From a “Professional” Fangirl Perspective

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While reading an interesting blog today about Hart Hanson choosing take a break from the @ replies section of his Twitter account, I got to thinking. In fact, the hamster was running in the wheel the minute I saw the title: “Hart Hanson Ditches @’s…is he ditching fans too?” My first thought was that it was written by a fan who was unhappy with the current story line and sure enough, I was right. I can’t lie and say that didn’t cloud my judgement a little bit. If a blogger is furious at the show, if they’re unhappy with the storyline, it’s going to cloud my judgement as a reader. But, as someone who isn’t exactly thrilled with the current storyline either, I figured I could look at it with an open mind. After all, I was the one who wrote a satirical letter to Booth from his testicles.

I continued on with the blog and there were things that definitely stuck out to me. There were things that I agreed with, there were things that I disagreed with and certain things that just screamed angry, disgruntled fangirl. At the end of the day, I’m a fangirl too, so I know what it feels like to be invested in a show and to feel disappointed in it. It really sucks. As people who have known me can tell you, I was the biggest NCIS fan up until last year. The show just started to go downhill for me. So guess what I did? I stopped watching. I didn’t turn to anyone who would listen to me on Twitter to vent my frustrations because:

A. That’s not my style and B. I knew it wouldn’t matter.

I’m just one of MILLIONS of people who made NCIS the number one show on Tuesday nights. I do still have friends on my Twitter feed who are really into NCIS and good for them. I’ve also seen tweets from some of the most vocal NCIS fans on Twitter saying that they’ve seen “so many people give up on the show.” “So many people” really hasn’t affected their ratings at all. Sure Glee has beaten them once or twice, but it’s Glee. It’s like a speeding, singing freight train…there’s just no stopping it.

However, that being said and with that thought in the back of my mind, the one thing that really stood out to me in the blog was this line:

One argument that Hanson really likes to make is that the folks who talk Bones on Twitter don’t represent the viewership at large.

My NCIS example just proved that this is true. One or two people can drop off, and the show will still move on. In fact, if every single one of Hart Hanson’s followers stopped watching Bones, it probably wouldn’t cause that great of a disaster. Certainly not all of those people who follow him are Nielsen families and therefore, if they were to drop off, it wouldn’t really be reflected in the numbers.

Need another example? My desk buddy here at the office watches Community just like I do. She doesn’t watch it right at 8PM on Thursday nights, but on Monday mornings we sit back and discuss the hilariousness that happened to be whatever Troy & Abed did. Does that make her any less of a fan? Does her opinion not count for anything? In the great span of things, it doesn’t. Sorry DB, but it’s true. You’re not a holder of the coveted Nielsen box, so your opinion really doesn’t matter all that much. (Except to me. I care.)

Am I being too harsh? It might seem like that, but the truth of the matter is that Hanson makes that argument for one reason: it’s true. When I’m not living under the guise of a cartoon sheep, I’m usually working. That work entails analyzing official numbers for companies to tell them just how they are interacting with their customers in the social media circuit. True statement: as more and more people “like” or “follow” companies on social media sites, the percentage of people who publicly interact with that company drops significantly. It’s not because of disinterest or the fact that they’re unhappy with the company. It’s simple: they’re just an average user of the company’s product or they’re just the average fan of the TV show. They’re not going to go out of their way to comment on a Facebook status or to reply to a tweet.

As hardcore fans of a TV show, we are not the average. We are in fact, the “brand advocates.” We’re the ones who are “noisy” on Twitter, telling anyone who we think will listen just what we think. We’re the ones who do read every spoiler and crawl the interwebs looking for as much information about the show because we love it so much. However, being a brand advocate comes with a price: entitlement. Certain fans, certain “brand advocates” feel that they’re owed something. They’ve invested their time, their money in your business and therefore they feel they should have a say in how the business is run. It’s like being a stockholder in a company.

That being said, when you own stock in a company and you don’t like a decision they’ve made, do you go to the next shareholders meeting and call the Executive VP of Finance a douchebag? Do you tell the head of Marketing that his campaign was shit? Do you call the President a tool?

You can bet your ass that if you did Security would haul you right out of the building.

Twitter is different. You can make the @ reply your own personal microphone and berate the hell out of someone who is doing something you don’t like. Again, this is where metrics come into play. Not every brand advocate for Bones berates the hell out of Hart Hanson. There are some of us who don’t like the story, and have said so and we’ve settled for that. We’ve said our piece without ten thousand exclamation points. We can make a fair statement without the Caps Lock button on.

Unfortunately, some “brand advocates” who feel entitled chose to go to that shareholders meeting (twitter) and yell & scream til they’re heard. They seem to do that via a series whiny, cranky, nasty tweets directed at (again) anyone they think will listen. They’re not polite, they’re constantly bitching and moaning again and again, in hopes that they will be heard and that something will change. When that vote comes down, they’re so sure that they’ve made their point that they forget about the other 9 million people who also have a vote. And again, the numbers make the difference.

Sadly, the fact of the matter is that you don’t write Bones. You don’t own Bones. It’s not your place to tell TPTB what to do. It’s not their place to sit there and apologize for the choices they’ve made. And with millions of people coming back week after week, with no SERIOUS drops in viewership, is there any reason why Hart Hanson wants to take a break from a few people who are constantly bitching at him? Avoiding the nastiness is the same as having the crazies thrown out of the shareholders meeting.

It’s completely understandable.

Fire At Will...But Please, Not The Face

Bones Opens Season 6 with Special Shout-Outs To Fans

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A sweet thing happened in the season 6 premiere of Bones that you may not have noticed. To the average viewer nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Booth and Brennan solved a case, there was plenty of unresolved sexual tension and the occasional line that made you laugh out loud. It was Bones as usual.

What you may have missed were the writers of Bones giving some special shout-outs to their fans. I’m talking about more than just addressing fan concerns like Brennan’s seemingly inconsistent fear of snakes and the fact that Booth never wears his seatbelt in the car. No, the writers of Bones threw in a couple sweet moments that were not only for the fans, they were BY the fans.

Exhibit A:
In the reunion scene, as Caroline explains the lack of interns, she mentions that Vincent Nigel Murray won a million dollars on Jeopardy and is travelling the world.

The Story Behind It:
Shortly before The Death of The Queen Bee episode, Bones fan @BonesJonsing on Twitter changed her avatar to her high school senior portrait in honor of Brennan’s high school reunion. She asked executive producer Hart Hanson to do the same, and soon all Bones fans joined the crusade. The campaign took off and soon major Bones players on Twitter were involved in the fun. Executive producer, Stephen Nathan, Stephen Fry (Gordon Gordon Wyatt), and Kathy Reichs were just a few of the nearly 500 people who brought back fond memories of their school days.

Seeing the immense popularity that the campaign had garnered, Bones fans @BonesJonsing and @birdgirl33 conceived the idea to take everyone’s pictures and make an actual year book. Some of the most dedicated Bones fans on Twitter ( @thnx4thegum, @colleenmcpinto, @ChoeBe and @Rayne73) worked to produce it. In addition to adding everyone’s pictures, they created superlatives for several of the characters, like this one:

Superlative Courtesy of @ColleenMcPinto

Less than an hour after the line had been uttered by Sweets, Hart Hanson confirmed to GiveMeMyRemote’s Marisa Roffman that yes, it was a nod to the Bones yearbook.

Exhibit B:
When Booth is giving Brennan the list of things she has to achieve now that they’re back, he adds “Round up your Squinterns.”

The Story Behind It:
If you ever check out Bones on twitter, you may have seen the term “squinterns” being used before. It’s just a simple combination of squints + interns, but the term itself was coined by long-time Bones fan, Sarah Curtis ( @seeleybaby, @sarahinprint). Last August she tweeted Hart Hanson asking if the “squinterns” would be back this season. Below is Hanson’s reply:

Using fan created nicknames and nods to projects that the fans worked tirelessly on is a simple way to slip a little something, something in for the die-hard, vocal fans of the show.

Hart Hanson always says to those vocal fans that “he’s listening.” Well, he just proved it.