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Bones Renewed for Season 8, Stephen Nathan Confirms

In Bones on March 29, 2012 at 12:43 pm

Image Courtesy of David Boreanaz

Oh what a great day to be a Bones fan! Just 4 days before the spring premiere in which Booth & Brennan will welcome their newest addition, executive producer Stephen Nathan just tweeted out the official confirmation that the series has been renewed for it’s 8th season!

This terrific news comes as no surprise to fans of the show, who have been loyally tuning in for years as the show jumped around the schedule. Most recently, the show saw another shift: being moved to Mondays at 8PM where it will premiere on April 2. For the past few months, executive producers have been favoring the positive in terms of a renewal with EP Hart Hanson even breaching the prospect of a Season 9 earlier this month at Paleyfest. While nothing was official, his hopeful attitude was met with thunderous applause from the audience.

So, it’s official! Season 8 is on! So I’ve got a question for all of you: What’s one story you’d LOVE to see on Bones in it’s upcoming 8th season?



The Killer in the Crosshairs Kills It With Bones Fans

In Bones, Episode Recaps on March 10, 2011 at 11:50 pm

Just one day after several fans took to the comments to bash Bones executive producers in an article that announced Emily Deschanel would not be stepping behind the camera this season, it seems that Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan have regained the love of their sometimes fair weather fans. It’s funny to watch how quickly the tides change, and how just giving fans a smidgen of what they want can result in a twitter feed that looks like this:

While those sparkling gems were all about the quick 30 second promo that aired after tonight’s episode, it can safely be said that The Killer in the Crosshairs effectively gave fans EXACTLY what they wanted this season: That old B&B magic.

From the opening scene (which could have been straight out of a fanfic, it was that perfect) to an awkward, yet adorable ending The Killer in the Crosshairs was most definitely reminescent of the Bones of yore. We were given everything we love. Don’t believe me? Check the score board.

1. Flirty Scene that’s Not Outwardly Flirtly but Could Easily Be Defended As Flirty
Check. It was that first one, the run in the park. They go running together. On their day off? He wants to go to a lecture with her? Let me put this in context for you all: if Seeley Booth were a dog, he’d be humping her leg.

2. Booth in the Lab
Check. In fact, not only did we get Booth in the lab we got Hodgins OVERLY explaining something to Booth, which effectively pissed him off. When in the HELL was the last time that happened? Personally, I love any Hodgins/Booth interaction and I will take as much of it as I can get. And then, like that annoying little British twerp, I will walk up to the front of the line and “Please, sir, may I have some more?” (I really hope you all read that with a badly faked British accent, because that is SO what I was going for there.)

3. Caroline Being Awesome in Any and All Regards (aka just being herself)
Check. If a realm of total and utter character perfection was “the can” and Caroline was “Boogey” then logically I must deduce that Boogey was indeed in the can. Caroline freaking ruled this episode with a legal fist that doesn’t mind smacking around a scrawny little twit. Thumbs up, Cher.

4. The Iconic Speculatory “He/She’s Her Lobster” Scene
Every good episode of Bones has one scene that makes fans channel Phoebe Buffay and squee “Awww he’s her lobster.” Or “Awww. She’s his lobster.” Either way, as long as someone can safely reference one of the parters being the other one’s crustacean, life is good. Tonight, we got TWO lobsters.
A. Booth caring so hard about what Brennan thinks of him. More importantly, Booth caring so much that Brennan might think badly of him that it drives him to SWEETS to talk about his feelings. Yeah, how about THEM apples. He wants to be her lobster. And he cares because he f’ing loves her.
B. Brennan confirming that she’s standing right beside him. And that she always will be. Unless they’re sitting. Too freaking cute for words. Translation: I’m you’re lobster. I certainly feel for you folks allergic to shellfish. Y’all must be a bit puffy right now. Might I offer you an epi pen?

5. Hot Booth/Angry Booth/Protective Booth/Flirty Booth/Angel Booth
If I were doing less of a deep analysis, I would just classify this section as Booth because we all know that he is the common denominator with every single one of those adjectives, but the whole is only as great as the sum of its parts, right? RIGHT?
Hot Booth: #Running = #Winning.
Angry Booth: Oh Caroline, you claimed you didn’t see anything. That’s fine. We all saw one hell of a sexy man getting all angry and all “I’ma grab you by your shirt collar and make you tell me what I wanna know.” You do that, Booth. You go be all “grrr Federal agent.” I loves me some “grrr Federal Agent.”
Protective Booth: “Stay in the car, Bones.” The last time he told her to do that there was a baby involved. This time…well, it was just damn sweet and sexy. He could guard my body any day. (Where is my filter? I mean really, WHAT?)
Flirty Booth: “I’ll buy the coffee cause I’m a gracious victor.” (Who would look great without his pants.)
Angel Booth: Rarely do I even get glimpses of the vamp detective with a soul that served as DB’s alter ego in the years before Bones. But tonight, I was looking at Angel as Jacob Broadsky held a gun on him in his apartment. And that Angry Booth scene later? Well that was Angelus minus leather pants.

Yes, the Killer in the Crosshairs had all the ingridents to make Bones fans squee happily with delight. And that promo that caused my twitter feed to look all wonky and crazy pants? Well, that’s right here loves.

Now I could get all deep into this one and say, “Brennan calls it making love!” and do a whole deep dive into their relationship but instead I’m just going to go with “OMFG THEY”RE TALKING ABOUT DOINKING!”

I’ll see you all next week…and in the words of Seeley Joeseph Booth: “I’m BACK Baby!”

I should apologize for liberal mentions of Pantsless Booth...but I won't.

An Open Letter to Seeley Booth From A Concerned Pair

In Bones, Shep's Soapbox, Shep's Thoughts on November 6, 2010 at 6:41 pm

I know I haven’t blogged in a while and there’s really no excuse for that. Don’t get me wrong I could give you all a list a mile long, but the fact is I won’t. In fact this isn’t even my return to blogging. Instead, I was anonymously approached by two concerned individuals who needed to be heard. So I’ll get back to blogging eventually, but this isn’t my turn. It’s theirs and far be it from me to deny anyone the opportunity to have their say. ~Shep

Dear Seeley,

We know it’s been a while since we’ve talked. It’s been a while since we’ve had any sort of input in your life, mostly because nothing you’ve done over the past few years has really affected us all that much. In fact, most things you do don’t affect us at all. We’re just there, hanging out in the background. So it stands to reason that you could forget about us when making important life decisions. But dating someone is an extremely important life decision, and believe it or not it’s one that directly affects us so we’re sharing our thoughts, questions and concerns about this most recent development in your life.

Don’t get us wrong, we were happy for you in the beginning. Honestly, Hannah’s hot and when you decided to hit that, let’s just say we were behind you (so to speak) 1000%. Seriously, we were thanking our lucky stars, praising any being that could be considered holy and the like. Finally man, you were getting some. Nothing makes us happier than that.

So when you were all done under that fig tree, we were happy, nay, ecstatic. Now, it’s months later and we’re not happy at all, and there’s not even an unplanned pregnancy to blame in all this. Don’t get us wrong, you getting some on a daily basis is definitely something that we can cross off our bucket list, but we think it’s time for an intervention. We should probably just come right out and say it.

Your relationship with Hannah is killing us.

It’s not the constant sex that’s the problem. Dude, we’re happily down for that. It’s just that…and we’ve tried to think of a nicer way to phrase this, but nothing seems to come out as perfect as…

You seem to be growing a vagina.

Back in Afghanistan it was hot. You were doing her all over the place and we couldn’t get enough. Not surprisingly though, you haven’t had any in years (‘You do fine’ Yeah, OKAY.) But now that she’s here you’ve morphed into the chick in the relationship. You proclaimed to your shrink that you went out and bought her bathroom stuff (read: tampons). She’s out getting shot and you’re sitting by her side like Suzy Homemaker nursing her back to health with a juice box and quietly whispering “I’ll miss you” after she leaves the room.

Dude, WHAT THE HELL? You’re like the heroine in any romance novel ever. And we’re not talking the good kind of romance novels, where there’s a little bit mystery and some betrayal, maybe a little action. We’re talking the Harlequin shit you can pick up Stop & Shop. We’re not kidding either. Go to the store, grab one, read the back cover and then head on over to the feminine products aisle and pick yourself up some tampons. You need them more than she does.

That being said, we’re here to tell you to man the fuck up. Seriously, when Gordon Gordon told you to “grow a set” in regards to you not being able to fire off a gun to protect your partner, we came to your defense and we were deeply, deeply offended. Now, as we find ourselves in the cocoon of warmth that we’ve shriveled ourselves in to for the sheer purpose of preservation and lack of embarrassment, we sincerely hope that this letter makes a difference. Because next time someone gives you that advice, look down. You’ll realize that they’re right.

God speed, friend.

Your Balls.

I'm Back Bitches. (And Gentlemen)

Critics React to Bones Season 6 Premiere & Fans Flip For New Promo

In Bones on September 2, 2010 at 9:35 pm

TV critics were granted access to one of the most antipated premieres of the fall 2010 TV season today: Bones. While I’d give my left lamb chop to get my hands on a screener, I’m not what you would call “A person of influence.” So since they cover what I want to cover, the closest thing I’ve got to cover…is them. Here are just a few tweets regarding The Mastadon in the Room.

And yes, Marisa Roffman hijacked Starbucks wifi, not only to watch the premiere in Beverly Hills but to do a quick You Ask, I Answer: Bones Season 6 Premiere blog over on Give Me My Remote

Another Bones Season 6 Premiere review courtesy of Zap 2 It’s Mikey O’Connor…I feel a Life Cereal Commercial joke coming on. “Mikey likes it!”

Buddy TV is listing 5 Reasons To Turn into the Season 6 Premiere of Bones. Like I need 5 additional reasons to my one standard: ITS BONES.

Also, it appears that Castle & Bones have quite a few simialrities in their season premieres. At least that’s what The TV Addict is saying. Inclined to believe him.

Meanwhile, this new promo aired and again thanks to Fay22705 on YouTube, we’ve got it to share with the world. Heads up kids, it’s kind of spoiler heavy. The kind of jaw dropping, out loud screaming spoiler heavy. In fact it gives away more spoilers than Marisa gave away in her whole You Ask, I Answer colum. P.S.: No one asked about Booth’s belt buckle, but Marisa assures us that it is indeed present. She has her eyes on the prize, and that makes for a good journalist. On to the jaw dropping promo…

Thought I was kidding when I said jaw dropping? Oh, jaws dropped, alright. Check the Twitterverse reaction…

And my favorite which includes a great nickname…

That’s all we’ve got so far, but it’s still early. As reviews start coming in, this post will be edited to include links for you all. Til next time…

Hannah, bitch I will STILL cut you.

Will They or Won’t They: Is This The Season Booth & Brennan Take the Plunge?

In Bones on September 1, 2010 at 11:02 pm

Will They Break the Laws of Physics in Season 6?

For 5 seasons, Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan have traveled, what an addict might call the road to recovery. In the very beginning of their partnership, we saw the explosive sexual chemistry between the two, but never knew what happened on that very first case. Five years later, we learned that the attraction that we’d all seen grown over the years was heavily present right off the bat. So now, going into the 6th season and coming off the heels of 7 months apart, I can’t help but wonder…is this the season?

Will this be the season that Brennan finally catches up to her own reality?

Will this be the season that Booth takes yet another gamble?

Will this be the season that fans of the long awaited duo finally see their two favorite characters break the laws of physics?

Take the poll and let me know what you think!

22 Days Until Bones Season 6! Not That I'm Counting...

Caption This: Joel McHale & Emily Deschanel

In Bones, Community on August 31, 2010 at 2:03 am

Props to the folks over at The Castle Lounge on Livejournal for adding a ton of great pics of Emily and Nathan Fillion from last night’s emmy awards. One however caught my eye…

For those of you who don’t know, the third party in that shot is Joel McHale. He may be best known as the host of The Soup on E! but he’s also known for his portrayal of lawyer-turned-community college student on NBC’s hit comedy Community…which airs in the 8PM timeslot right opposite Bones.

Many of you have already seen what happens when showrunners go head to head, as was showcased in The Great Fanfic Twar of 2010: Bones vs. Community. So what happens when two competing leads get a crack at each other? Since we don’t know what was actually said, here’s your chance to do what you love to do: make it up!

So caption away in the comments or on Twitter using the hashtag #BonesMeetsJeff

Let’s see if we can’t get @HartHanson & @DanHarmon in on the action too…

Bones Season 6 Promo #1: Reserved Judgement

In Bones, Shep's Thoughts on August 26, 2010 at 5:04 am

Remember the days when VCRs were first invented (if you don’t, please don’t tell me. I may kick you.) and people were thankful because they could actually fast forward commercials? Who wanted to see 30 seconds worth of advertising? I don’t give a crap that Shop Rite’s having the Can Can sale or that the Bob-o-pedic is 35% less than its name brand competion. I don’t care about commercials. Unless it’s a commercial showcasing new content for one of my absolute favorite TV shows in the history of ever. Yes, the new Bones promo is out and I’ve seen it. God bless you TV critics that put the content on your site and then tweet it out to the world, talking about you @marisaroffman, @stamos, @mattmitovich. I mean, really, what did I remote DVR fox for this afternoon from my critically important meeting? Well, I guess the answer to that one is to lick the TV later when I see it in HD, but I digress. Seriously, big thanks to all the TV peeps who shared that promo with all the fans. What the hell was life like before twitter? I guess you all got a taste of that when the Bones fans broke twitter again. See what happens Hart? You introduce Booth’s love interest and the Bones fans take down the fastest growing social media site in the world. We’re like cyber terrorists with one specific demand…Booth & Brennan together. though mine might be Booth shirtless, pantsless or a combination of both…I’m digressing again. What the hell was I saying? I’m stuck thinking of pantsless Booth. You know what, I can get back to my original thought later.

Right! It was the promo and how I have decided to reserve judgement. After all, it’s only fair that we give our fearless executive producers the benefit of the doubt. They hate it when we jump to conclusions, and they’re right. I mean, really what right to we have to make intuitive leaps about something that we’ve seen only 30 seconds of? That being said I’m not going to speak my mind just yet.

  • I’m not going to tell you how badly I want to thank you for once again giving us Army Booth and that if that man tried to hide in the desert I’d sniff him out like a german shepherd at the airport. (This? It’s, confectioner’s sugar. I swear.)
  • I’m not going to tell you how, for as excited I am about Hannah (stone me later Bones fans, it’s a plot twist & I’m excited!) that she kind of comes off looking like a bitchy whore.
  • I’m not going to tell you that I may or may not be considering getting bangs because they look so good on Emily Deschanel. And I’m certainly not going to tell you that if I did it wouldn’t be the first time I stole a TV personality’s hairstyle. (I was 16, it was Stephanie McMahon from WWE, and it was a perm.)
  • I’m not going to groan because Booth is in a navy blue suit again and that when he wears that he kind of looks like a smurf or like a sexy, muscular, well-chiseled oompa loompa.
  • I’m not going to question why the eff Cam’s hair can look so damn good when she works on dead people. Shit, I work with live people and I don’t gussy it up that much for them. Although maybe if I did, I’d get a raise.
  • I’m not going to let you all know where my mind went with Booth’s jungle cat analogy. I don’t know what he was talking about anyway. I can certainly HOPE but I can assume that that’s not appropriate for network TV. It’s certainly not appropriate for a good Catholic school girl. Though, since I’m not one of those makes all the more sense that m’mind went *there*
  • I’m not going to talk about how that kiss looked totally awkward because I’m sure there’s some reasoning behind why that is too. Cause it TOTALLY did. I mean seriously. W.T.F. he has seen her before yes? We’re supposed to believe that he’s, perhaps, doinked her? It’s a good thing I’m not talking about that.
  • I’m not going to mention that I’m slightly peeved that Brennan’s comment to Angela of “Why? Are you in love with him?” kind of ticked me off since it’s been six seasons and her head appears to still be up her ass. Even though it’s not, it just appears that way.
  • So, yeah. Season 6 promo’s out and that’s what we got. But I’m gonna wait and reserve judgement. What do you guys think?

    Hannah? Bitch, I will CUT you.

    (Note: I’d also like to bill Hart Hanson for the Miracle Ear hearing aid I need after my mother deafened me by squealing like a Bieber fan when she saw this. Thank you for that.)

    8/12/10:Bones Roundup

    In Bones, The Roundup on August 13, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    Here’s the Bones stuff you guys NEED to see from yesterday, 8/12/10. This would have been up sooner but I went to a Ke$ha concert. Also, I’m a sheep without opposable thumbs. Anywho, scoop this:

    He’s Making us SQUINT Again
    Hart Hanson gives fans a unique perspective from behind the cameras, showing us the beautiful Michaela & Tamara.

    One Upsmanship
    Josh Levy, Hart’s fantastic assistant tweets a perfectly orchestrated shot of Booth, Brennan & Assistant Editor CJ.

    Science Chicks Are Hot
    The popculture site that “plays for your team” listed Angela Montenegro #2 on their list of 16 Lesbian and Bisexual Badasses We Love. She may be married to Hodgins, but as Paris Hilton would say: “That’s Hot.”

    War of the Words
    As those of you on Twitter know, putting @ in front of someone’s username, allows to send a tweet to said person, and it then shows up in 2 places: on your profile page & in the @ replies section of the person you’re talking to . These are the ONLY two places that it appears. So what do you do if you want to reply to someone and have it show in the Twitterfeed of all your followers? There are a few ways to do this, but a quick and easy fix is to put a . in front of the “@” symbol. That’s the background for the following tweets between Hart Hanson & Give Me My Remote’s Marisa Roffman.

    WARNING! Spoilers Ahead!

    Two Words: Thank God
    Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello broke the news that Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino will not be appearing on Bones due to problems negotiating a contract with MTV. Personal guess? Bones didn’t have the budget to cover that much hair gel. I mean have you seen the price of some of that stuff? Got2B shelling out some serious moolah to keep that hair up. Regardless, here’s the official coverage from Ausiello himself & then Give Me My Remote’s take on (pardon the pun) The Situation. Click the tweets for links!

    Where’s Booth’s Unit Embedded These Days?
    Fancast’s Matt Mitovich posted his exclusive video interview with David Boreanaz and asked the question that has been on the tips of many fans tongues.

    That’s all she wrote… but if you liked it, bookmark us and tell your friends! 🙂

    You Know Who's Good To Follow on #FollowFriday? A Sheep.

    Oh & These Guys…

    10 Characters Bones Needs To Bring Back

    In Shep's Thoughts on August 12, 2010 at 3:29 am

    Over the past 5 seasons, the Bones viewers have been introduced to a convoluted convocation of characters that have breezed in and out of our lives. Many of them, however, have left metaphorical marks that we just can’t erase. That being said, here are 10 Bones characters who I would LOVE to see back on my screen.

    10. Teddy Parker
    Yes, he’s dead, I know. The fact that Teddy was the ghost of a young solider whose death haunted Booth for some time made for some heart-tugging scenes during Season 4’s “The Hero in The Hold” and Noel Fisher did a more than adequate job playing the part. So much so, that I want him back.

    9. Deputy Director Cullen
    Booth’s hard ass FBI deputy director was last seen being a loving father concerned for his dying daughter in Season 1’s “The Graft in the Girl”. It’s safe to assume that once his daughter died, he was never quite the same since he was never seen again. However, with Diedrich Bader working on Outsourced, Assistant Director Hacker won’t be popping up any time soon. Max killed Kirby, so he’s not in charge. Someone needs to lead the FBI, and I for one, would be thrilled to see John M. Jackson’s Cullen at the helm.

    8. FBI Forensic Tech Marcus Greer
    He may not have said much, but when he did you could bet that David Greenman would give a dead pan delivery, marked with just the perfect amount of sarcasm and factual information. He last directed Booth & Brennan to the remains of a rubber purple smurf in Season 4’s “The Critic in the Cabernet.” Perhaps the mere mention of Booth’s sperm was enough to drive him away from forensics forever? I, for one certainly hope not.

    7. FBI Agent Payton Perotta
    It might have been the general weirdness of the Comic-Con-esque crew that Perotta encountered during Season 4’s “The Princess and the Pear” that kept her character out of the field, but it was the real life birth of her son Finn in 2009 that has kept Marisa Coughlan from reprising her role. While I have nothing but the utmost respect for moms, Coughlan’s portrayal of an all-business FBI agent with the hots for one Seeley Booth certainly made for some quality TV watching. Once she figured out that Booth was in love with Brennan, that is.

    6. Avalon Harmonia(courtesy of @itsmekatykat on Twitter)
    It’s always nice to see complete strangers telling Booth and Brennan that they need to be together and no one did it quite as bluntly as Angela’s quirky psychic, played by the one and only Cyndi Lauper. Fear not, Bones fans Hart Hanson has already confirmed to Marisa Roffman that he has a modular b-story ready for her when she’s available.

    5. Margaret Whitesell(courtesy of @TVFanatic592 on Twitter)
    It took 5 years to get the incomparable Zooey Deschanel to guest star as Bren’s oddly eccentric cousin Margaret with a passion for the words of Ben Franklin. While old Ben didn’t actually invent bifocals or the hundred-dollar bill, he did state this quote that pretty much sums up how many Bones fans feel about cousin Margaret: “Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it.” (Note: he also said “Hunger is the best pickle.” And people wonder why he’s a genius.)

    4. Pops(courtesy of @TVFanatic592 on Twitter)
    Ralph Waite certainly had his work cut out for him last year, playing fatherly and grandfatherly roles (respectively) on both NCIS and Bones. When we last left Papa Gibbs, he was about to have a showdown with the head of a Mexican drug cartel. Here’s hoping she “pops” him right between the eyes, so Waite can focus more time on instructing his “Shrimp” on how to get his head out of his ass win the love of his life.

    3. FBI Agent Tim “Sully” Sullivan
    One has to wonder if Brennan was ever really the same after Sully sailed off into the morning sun on his boat, appropriately named “Temperance.” It was that infamous episode that put forth the mantra which Bones fans chant while rocking in the fetal position whenever Hart Hanson & TPTB introduce someone who may come between the dynamic duo. Yes, “Everything Happens Eventually,” but considering the fact that Eddie McClintock is currently rocking as Pete Lattimer on Warehouse 13, it’s a safe bet that Sully won’t be returning to rock the boat anytime soon. 😦

    2. Gordon Gordon Wyatt
    Whether he’s reliving his youth as a glam rocker in Booth’s kitchen or waxing philosophic about the rather phallic symbolism of Booth not being able to “fire his weapon,” Stephen Fry’s Gordon Gordon Wyatt is as entertaining as a fresh-baked apple pie from the Royal Diner is delicious. Oliver certainly had it right: “Please, sir. I want some more.”

    1. Zack Addy
    While the Bones family has expanded with their rotating Squinterns, nothing quite feels as good as The Original: Dr. Zack Addy. Eric Milligan’s portrayal as the brilliant, socially inept forensic anthropologist showcased not only his enormous talents as both a comedian and a dramatic actor, but it let us see the motherly side of Temperance Brennan. While I’m all for her “having a progeny” with one studly FBI agent, the close relationship between Brennan and Zack is one that simply cannot be duplicated.

    Ahem...If I May Take The Floor...


    Shep’s Honorable Mention: Noel Liftin, The Stoner Stalker
    The last we saw of Noel, he was happily taking Booth’s 50 bucks to go have a mung bean enema. I can only assume that it did not go well, as we haven’t seen him since “The Man in the Outhouse.” Perhaps that’s symbolic? Regardless, Scoot McNairy needs to come back, like yesterday.

    That’s all we got Bones fans. So what say you? Agree/Disagree? Did we forget someone? Does anyone else deserve an honorable mention? Anyone wanna turn Shep into lamb chops?

    8/10/10: Bones Roundup

    In Bones, The Roundup on August 11, 2010 at 4:23 am

    Need the Bones Scoopage from today? Here’s what you missed. Ahoy the spoiler boat.

    From Matt Mitovich’s Big Scoop at

    ‘Bones’ is doing a ‘Jersey Shore’-inspired episode? Say it ain’t so! – Beverly
    ‘Tis so, but hear me out: This could be fun. You’ll not only lay your ears on a house mix of the ‘Bones’ theme as Brennan and Booth hit the clubs to investigate a guido dubbed The Terror, but you’ll also see Temp – who is fascinated by the “mating” rituals of this crowd – labor to adopt all of the requisite slang, yo.

    Give Me My Remote’s Marisa Roffman tweeted her 17,000th tweet and led readers to another interview with Bones creator, Hart Hanson. You can read the full article here, but I have to applaud the answer Hanson gives to the question below. It’s like reading Inception. That man can dance around spoilers the way Joseph Gordon-Levitt can float around a hallway.

    I’m actually really fascinated by the fourth episode, where Brennan investigates a body that resembles her own. Is this going to be a literal thing, or is this something that’s manifesting in her mind or subconscious and she’s projecting herself on the remains? What can you tease about the episode?
    HH: [pause] It’s not crazy that she looks at this person and thinks, Oh my God, this is me. It’s not crazy. It’s strange for the show. I don’t know if we’re going to do the thing I was about to say, because if we don’t do it, I don’t want [everyone] to say I lied. But here’s something that was interesting to me that led to this episode — which we may or may not do literally. But I thought, Sweets says something psychological and Brennan says, “I don’t know what that means.” And you think, Why? The language is perfectly clear! Why don’t you know what that means? And I thought, wouldn’t it be interesting to hear what she hears when he speaks? And that led to this episode that is told totally through her eyes and ears, what she sees and hears. And it’s just a little bit different from what the omniscient camera sees, the objective seer. We’ll do a subjective episode [for that hour]. And I haven’t told anyone else that.

    Ever the tease, Hanson tweeted this photo of his injured hand showing off his cool band-aids that he received from fans at Comic-Con.

    Hanson Gives Spoilers The Finger

    He did, however, confirm that fan favorite Pej Vahdat will be returning as Arastoo Vaziri.

    Hanson confirms Pej Vahdat's return in Season 6

    Not to be outdone, Matt Mitovich returns with some casting scoop about the aforementioned Jersey Shore episode:

    On board for the episode – in which Brennan and Booth investigate the murder of a fitness guru named Ritchie “The V” Genaro – is ‘General Hospital‘ star Lisa LoCicero, Fancast has learned. Click here to read the full scoop on who the General Hospital bombshell will be playing!

    Finally, with just one day (and not even a whole one at that) on Twitter, Bones’ Josh Berman leaked this fun tidbit.

    Wedding bells for Bones? Keep Dreaming.

    That’s what you missed! Want to make sure you’re in the loop, for next time?

    Follow On Twitter

    Oh yeah, and one more to follow…