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Bones Season 7 Promo: They’re Back (with a) Baby!

In Bones, The Roundup on October 2, 2011 at 9:19 pm

Booth: Everything happens eventually.
Brennan: Everything?
Booth: All the stuff that you think never happens? It happens. You just gotta be ready.

Ladies…gentlemen…welcome to eventually.

The Bones fandom has been awash with excitement, anticipation and maybe a little bit of fear ever since last season’s shocking finale when the executive producers made a bold move and decided to write in Emily Deschanel’s real-life pregnancy. For six seasons, Brennan and Booth have been stuck in the “Will They, Won’t They” paradox. Emily Deschanel has said they’re meant for each other, and David Boreanaz has said that essentially, they’re already together. Hart Hanson has tried to acquiesce to fan desires (not demands) and has seen both the positive and negative side of that coin.

Now after six seasons, eventually has arrived and we, the most loyal, vocal and loving fans of this show have finally been given something that we’ve been dying to see. Booth and Brennan…together…expecting a child. Kids, this is what dreams are made of. But this is going to be a billion times better than any dream simply because we’re going to see it on screen. And to make you all happy, you can do that just below.

PS: To give you a little side note of how popular this promo is…I did some math. At the time of writing this post the earliest tweet I can find regarding this link hitting Twitter was 16 hours ago. At that time, it had received 13K+ views. Broken down: 13 people have watched this promo every minute since it hit Twitter. That’s right. This promo is averaging about 13 views a minute. UPDATE: My math tells me that it’s now averaging about 14 views a minute, and boasts 20k+ views overall.

Alright, when you’re done flailing let’s discuss your favorite moments! This promo’s got some great one and here are just a few of my favs:

  • “Solving murders…is a family business.” They’re a family. They. Are. A. Family. FAMILY.
  • The fun. @Laffers18 said it best on Twitter, when she said, “I missed the fun.” It’s true, Bones has been angsty as of late, and we haven’t seen our normal fun B&B. But it’s back baby.
  • Pants-less Booth rocking a shoulder holster. (What, you thought I was going to neglect mentioning that?)
  • Co-habitation. From the fact that they share a bed (thump…I died) to the sweet kitchen scene where Booth puts his foot in his mouth, we’re getting Booth and Brennan living together and that’s, well..there are no words.
  • The song. Faster by Matt Nathanson is the perfect song and this is the perfect snippet:

    own me, you own
    you rattle my bones
    you turn me over and over
    ’till I can’t control myself
    make me a liar
    one big disaster
    you make my heart beat faster

  • Ladies and gentlemen…as I said, Eventually arrives November 3rd. The question is: Are you ready?

    October...I will CUT you.