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Did Booth & Brennan Have Sex? Touche, Hart Hanson. Touche

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I imagine that right about now, Hart Hanson is sitting darkened room. It’s lit only by the glow of a fireplace, logs crackling as they succumb to flames. The high back leather chair he sits in faces away from the door, and a glass of irish whiskey resides in his hand. Behind him, his laptop pings with mentions of the Bones hashtag on twitter. Somewhere on the screen a social media feed is collecting Facebook status updates that contain the word Bones. These will all come to him tomorrow in a detailed marketing report that he can peruse at his leisure. But for now…for this very moment, the room is quiet. All one can hear is the crackling of the logs. The distant ping of the tweets. The cubes of ice in the irish whiskey clanking together. Until…the cackle.

It starts low at first…just like in the movies. A low, barely audible, cliched laugh that expands in volume, just like a chest cavity grasping for air. It opens slowly, wanting more, wanting to be free until the sound of manical laughter is nearly deafening.

For it is the laugh…of an evil genius.

It’s funny how this season, the fans came out in droves to attack Hanson for storylines that they didn’t agree with. Fans were so merciless in fact, that Hanson actually admitted that he’d stopped looking at his @ replies on Twitter. Some replies were so cruel and hateful, that he even blocked the users. After all, Hanson didn’t want to be hated. He’s not a sadist…


The most talked about episode of the season has finally arrived and The Hole in the Heart opened up much more than the sniper victims chest cavity. It opened up the biggest mystery in the history of the show. The credits have rolled and fans have been left wondering…

Did they or didn’t they?

For the average viewer, it’s a big enough question but for the super fans…the ones who read into everything and look for clues in every little scene, it was a mind screw that would have made JJ Abrams proud. Clues reside all over the episode that point to Yes, they had sex. Take a look.

1. When Brennan walks into Booth’s room, the time on the clock is 4:47AM…The EXACT same time that Bren walked into the bedroom that she shared with her husband, Mr. B in the episode The End in the Beginning. Right after she gets into bed…guess what they do?

2. Speaking of The End in the Beginning, that’s a very interesting title isn’t it? And since the clock was a throwback to that very same episode, could the title of that episode also be a clue? The
End” of a life signifying the “Beginning” of Booth & Brennan.

3.Booth’s mention of the “universe.” It’s easy to pass this off as nothing, as Brennan admitted that she’s an atheist. But she once got a sign from the universe. It spoke to her. And it told her, to take the chance. To not give up on Booth.

Those are just 3 clues from past episodes that I spotted in this episode, but there were plenty more tells besides that. Take for instance…

  • The smirk that Brennan gives Angela right before Hodgins interrupts. I’m sorry, but that smirk did not say to me “The cuddling was quite satisfactory.” It said more along the lines of, “I’ve been standing in the same place for an hour because I can’t walk right.”
  • The countless looks between Brennan and Angela. Those were the looks between best friends that have a major secret. I look at my friends that way and I usually get a high five or a “OMG, you didn’t!” Oh, but I did. And I’m thinking, the same goes for Brennan.
  • The look between Brennan and Booth at the strangest funeral procession I’ve ever seen.
  • The way she slipped her arm into his, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Have the done that before? Yes. But could it mean something more this time? You bet your sweet bippy.
  • While the next episode is entitled, The Change in the Game, one has to wonder have we already seen it? And how long til we find out what ACTUALLY happened? Sound off in the poll below! And comment, comment, comment!

    Seriously though, touche Hart Hanson, for finally answering the question “will they or won’t they” with the question, “did they or didn’t they?” You sir, are one wiley bastard. And I mean that in the kindest way possible.


    Let’s Play Speculation: Bones “The Hole in the Heart” Promo

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    I’m paraphrasing from Wedding Crashers here but Fox…you are my bitch lover. Seriously. Watch the promo for next week’s Bones, “The Hole in the Heart” and then tell me that statement isn’t true.

    Firstly, wow. I still can’t wrap my head around why the Fox promo department feels the need to spoil so much in their promos. They could have faded to black right after that dramatic shot of each character and Brennan screaming “call an ambulance, someone’s been shot.”

    We’ve seen 30 non-secutive seconds of a 45 minute episode and already fans are practically pooping themselves with the thought of possibilities. And there’s this tweet:

    Thank you kind sir, for poking the g-damn bear. But it makes me wonder…is this the episode that fans have been waiting 6 years for? Will Booth and Brennan finally knock boots? Will he jump Bones’ bones? Will they do the horizontal mambo? Will they feel the Earth move? Will they play hide the sausage? Will they do the hippity dippity? Will there be a hot beef injection? Will there be a game of slap and tickle?Will our fav FBI agent play doctor with the good doctor? Will he stuff the beaver? Will he throw a log on her fire? Will he wet his wick? Will they pay a visit to the island of ComeOnIWannaLayYa? Will he DIP his wick? Will they break the laws of psychics? What I’m trying to say here…

    Will there be more than one BANG in this episode? Take the poll and sound off in the comments!

    6AM & I'm Googling "Sex euphamisms." The things I do for you people.

    The Killer in the Crosshairs Kills It With Bones Fans

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    Just one day after several fans took to the comments to bash Bones executive producers in an article that announced Emily Deschanel would not be stepping behind the camera this season, it seems that Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan have regained the love of their sometimes fair weather fans. It’s funny to watch how quickly the tides change, and how just giving fans a smidgen of what they want can result in a twitter feed that looks like this:

    While those sparkling gems were all about the quick 30 second promo that aired after tonight’s episode, it can safely be said that The Killer in the Crosshairs effectively gave fans EXACTLY what they wanted this season: That old B&B magic.

    From the opening scene (which could have been straight out of a fanfic, it was that perfect) to an awkward, yet adorable ending The Killer in the Crosshairs was most definitely reminescent of the Bones of yore. We were given everything we love. Don’t believe me? Check the score board.

    1. Flirty Scene that’s Not Outwardly Flirtly but Could Easily Be Defended As Flirty
    Check. It was that first one, the run in the park. They go running together. On their day off? He wants to go to a lecture with her? Let me put this in context for you all: if Seeley Booth were a dog, he’d be humping her leg.

    2. Booth in the Lab
    Check. In fact, not only did we get Booth in the lab we got Hodgins OVERLY explaining something to Booth, which effectively pissed him off. When in the HELL was the last time that happened? Personally, I love any Hodgins/Booth interaction and I will take as much of it as I can get. And then, like that annoying little British twerp, I will walk up to the front of the line and “Please, sir, may I have some more?” (I really hope you all read that with a badly faked British accent, because that is SO what I was going for there.)

    3. Caroline Being Awesome in Any and All Regards (aka just being herself)
    Check. If a realm of total and utter character perfection was “the can” and Caroline was “Boogey” then logically I must deduce that Boogey was indeed in the can. Caroline freaking ruled this episode with a legal fist that doesn’t mind smacking around a scrawny little twit. Thumbs up, Cher.

    4. The Iconic Speculatory “He/She’s Her Lobster” Scene
    Every good episode of Bones has one scene that makes fans channel Phoebe Buffay and squee “Awww he’s her lobster.” Or “Awww. She’s his lobster.” Either way, as long as someone can safely reference one of the parters being the other one’s crustacean, life is good. Tonight, we got TWO lobsters.
    A. Booth caring so hard about what Brennan thinks of him. More importantly, Booth caring so much that Brennan might think badly of him that it drives him to SWEETS to talk about his feelings. Yeah, how about THEM apples. He wants to be her lobster. And he cares because he f’ing loves her.
    B. Brennan confirming that she’s standing right beside him. And that she always will be. Unless they’re sitting. Too freaking cute for words. Translation: I’m you’re lobster. I certainly feel for you folks allergic to shellfish. Y’all must be a bit puffy right now. Might I offer you an epi pen?

    5. Hot Booth/Angry Booth/Protective Booth/Flirty Booth/Angel Booth
    If I were doing less of a deep analysis, I would just classify this section as Booth because we all know that he is the common denominator with every single one of those adjectives, but the whole is only as great as the sum of its parts, right? RIGHT?
    Hot Booth: #Running = #Winning.
    Angry Booth: Oh Caroline, you claimed you didn’t see anything. That’s fine. We all saw one hell of a sexy man getting all angry and all “I’ma grab you by your shirt collar and make you tell me what I wanna know.” You do that, Booth. You go be all “grrr Federal agent.” I loves me some “grrr Federal Agent.”
    Protective Booth: “Stay in the car, Bones.” The last time he told her to do that there was a baby involved. This time…well, it was just damn sweet and sexy. He could guard my body any day. (Where is my filter? I mean really, WHAT?)
    Flirty Booth: “I’ll buy the coffee cause I’m a gracious victor.” (Who would look great without his pants.)
    Angel Booth: Rarely do I even get glimpses of the vamp detective with a soul that served as DB’s alter ego in the years before Bones. But tonight, I was looking at Angel as Jacob Broadsky held a gun on him in his apartment. And that Angry Booth scene later? Well that was Angelus minus leather pants.

    Yes, the Killer in the Crosshairs had all the ingridents to make Bones fans squee happily with delight. And that promo that caused my twitter feed to look all wonky and crazy pants? Well, that’s right here loves.

    Now I could get all deep into this one and say, “Brennan calls it making love!” and do a whole deep dive into their relationship but instead I’m just going to go with “OMFG THEY”RE TALKING ABOUT DOINKING!”

    I’ll see you all next week…and in the words of Seeley Joeseph Booth: “I’m BACK Baby!”

    I should apologize for liberal mentions of Pantsless Booth...but I won't.

    Will They or Won’t They: Is This The Season Booth & Brennan Take the Plunge?

    In Bones on September 1, 2010 at 11:02 pm

    Will They Break the Laws of Physics in Season 6?

    For 5 seasons, Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan have traveled, what an addict might call the road to recovery. In the very beginning of their partnership, we saw the explosive sexual chemistry between the two, but never knew what happened on that very first case. Five years later, we learned that the attraction that we’d all seen grown over the years was heavily present right off the bat. So now, going into the 6th season and coming off the heels of 7 months apart, I can’t help but wonder…is this the season?

    Will this be the season that Brennan finally catches up to her own reality?

    Will this be the season that Booth takes yet another gamble?

    Will this be the season that fans of the long awaited duo finally see their two favorite characters break the laws of physics?

    Take the poll and let me know what you think!

    22 Days Until Bones Season 6! Not That I'm Counting...