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David Boreanaz on Regis & Kelly OR Why I Wanted a Bong Hit This Morning

In Bones, Shep's Thoughts on September 9, 2010 at 9:34 pm

“No! I Don’t Understand!”

Amen Regis. Amen. Bones’ star David Boreanaz appeared on Live with Regis & Kelly this morning, to promote the show’s 6th season premiere which airs September 23rd at 8PM, and Regis and Kelly had some questions regarding the inevitable will they, won’t they question that consistently seems to warm the hearts of fans while inciting rage all at the same time. I’ve excerpted a section of the interview in hoping that it would make more sense on paper. (Spoiler alert: it didn’t, but read on anyway.)

Kelly: You know that the two of you can never really get together because the audience tunes in to see if you will ever get together.

David: Yes. That’s the whole point. But we are together, but we’re not TOgether. So, it’s like we’ll take it to the next level of being together, but not being TOgether.

Kelly (addressing a confused Regis as if he were her senile, elderly grandfather who just wants another butterscotch but can’t have it because of his diabetes): You understand?

Regis: No I don’t! I don’t understand.

Boreanaz at that point began talking about the show’s Jersey Shore episode. Then they ran a clip that pretty much spoiled the last thing that I was excited to see in the premiere (and inspired my next blog aptly titled 10 Reasons to Watch Community’s Season Premiere) and the interview ended.

So in case you didn’t see it, the only thing you missed was an overwhelming craving for a bong hit. That pretty much sums that up. Oh, and Shep’s caption is a shortened version of one of the most classic scenes of a very fitting movie. Hit the comments and tell me what it is and I’ll be impressed.

We need 2 BIG pizzas, everything on 'em with water, whole lotta water...and...funions.