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Spencer Pratt: Twitter’s Most Lovable Douchebag

In Shep's Soapbox, Shep's Thoughts on August 22, 2010 at 4:21 am

Years and years and years ago, I watched The Hills for one simple reason: I never made it to the break room first for lunch. You see, in our office it’s this simple: He who get-eth there first get-eth control of the remote, and try as I may have to get there, I could never beat Jesse. Jesse was my 21-year-old Guido co-worker who could easily have coined the phrase GTL. A typical Long Island boy, Jesse was as obsessed with the gym as he was with taking poorly lit cell phone pictures of himself with his iPhone in club bathrooms. And if you’ve ever watched The Hills, you can see why he would like it.

He hardly varied from his routine and as such, we watched MTV everyday while he consumed steamed chicken and broccoli. When I started getting into The Hills with Jesse, we both shared the conclusion: Spencer Pratt was the world’s biggest douchebag. One of our most memorable moments had to be from an early episode of the show when Spencer asked Heidi to move in with him. He demanded an answer and she replied “My answer is…I don’t know.” Without missing a beat he replied “My answer is…get out of my car.” Yes, from that moment on, Spencer Pratt was a tool. He was a monumental tool, and no one could possibly top him in that respect.

Eventually, boredom caught up with me and I simply couldn’t be bothered with The Hills. I went on having a life, Spencer continued being a douche and the world kept on spinning. The Hills is now over and not surprisingly, Spencer Pratt is clinging to fame like Heidi is to her plastic surgery punch card. (The good news is one more eyebrow lift and she gets a free Botox injection! God bless the economy!) It’s absolutely no surprise that Spencer is happily living up to his egomaniacal, douchebag reputation on Twitter but here’s something that actually is surprising: he’s f’ing hilarious. That being said, here are 10 reasons why you should follow King Spencer on Twitter.

10. We’ve always known he’s a douchebag & he doesn’t hide it.

9. He’s actually quite intelligent. (Note the spelling of the word nowhere.)

8. He’s a foodie, not a felon.

7. His taste in music is clearly respectable.

6. He worships at the House of Whedon.

5. He offers legitimate fitness advice.

4. He cares about animals.

3. He’s a real estate mogul.

2. He cares about the issues and is willing to ask the tough questions.

1. He’s Right.

Click His Flesh Colored Beard to Follow The King on Twitter

Photo Credit: Show Biz News Blog

Hey Spencer, I like your beard.