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Dream Glee Guest Star: Chad Brannon

In Glee, Shep's Soapbox, Shep's Thoughts on September 8, 2010 at 11:26 pm

If there’s one thing that Glee has going for it, it’s the guest stars. Stars of stage and screen have appeared on the freshman hit that’s now going into its sophomore season. From pop stars like Britney Spears to stage icons like Kristen Chenoweth, the show is easily commendable based on the actors that grace their stages for an episode or two at a time. After all, the outstanding guest Actor Emmy went to Neil Patrick Harris for his role as Will Shuester’s arch nemesis Bryan Ryan. While NPH’s shining statuette speaks to the show’s casting credibility, it’s even more impressive that Harris’ direct competition in that category was none other than Mike O’Malley, who knocked it out of the park this season as Kurt’s father, Burt Hummel. (For as much as I love NPH, I still stand that O’Malley should have taken the Emmy, but that’s another blog for another day.)

So knowing that Glee will gladly take on Tony winners, like Idina Menzel…

And Emmy winners like Neil Patrick Harris…

It stands to reason that they should snag up Daytime Emmy winners too. My personal vote? General Hospital alum, Chad Brannon. He’s already in the Fox family, as he’s currently the voice you hear on those promos for Sunday night’s Animation Domination. (And yes, before you ask, he can sing. Quite well in fact.)

Is it just me or could he pull off being Finn’s long-lost, older brother? Look at these two side by side. Personally, I can see it, but others have disagreed.

What do you guys think? Am I seeing things due to sleep deprivation? Even if I am, I still don’t really care. I’d love to see Brannon on Glee…or anything for that matter. In the meantime, you should all follow him on Twitter (@chadbrannon) just in case my delusions of grandeur dreams ever do come true.